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Information icon4.png This page explains usage of OPTIONAL utility tools
they are not required, but can enhance the game experience

Rules regarding 3rd party programs

Using 3rd party program to loot NPC or player is illegal and against the shard rules. Use the command .grab to loot your own corpse quickly.
ANY 3rd party program used to do things not possible without them, is NOT allowed under any circumstance. We will punish players hard for breaking this rule. A few known violations of these rules are running faster, alter the default light level on your client and the ability to loot fast. Using EasyUO is allowed for easier macroing and alerting of macrocheck, but within certain limits. Read more here.
The program called Razor is 100% forbidden to use when playing on Pangaea, since there is a high risk of client fired through razor will create shard lag. Violation will in most cases lead to banning your account.


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