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Pangaea World is one of many shards of Ultima Online, and this wiki was made to provide the members of this shard with the best possible information so they can enjoy the game even more.

Original Pangaea Wiki

That wiki was of course being hosted in the same domain as the main website, but it was getting so outdated that the pages were failing to display properly. The issues most likely lay with the newer versions of PHP on the hosting not being compatible enough with that version of mediawiki.

Getting in contact with the person that managed the hosting was proving difficult, so the community simply had to take matters into their own hands to prevent loosing the valuable resource that was the Pangaea Wiki.

The inability of the wiki to display the content was really starting to bother the active community and fear of loosing all the content completely was real.

The rescue plan

The actual content of the original wiki was actually still accessible because the 'edit page' option was still there. This was the basis of the simple plan of just copy-paste the pages manually to a new and functional wiki.

A few members of the community came together to help with this copy-pasta plan, and thankfully the number of pages were not overwhelming for the task.

The rescue team

People that deployed their copy-pasta skills to the max, page after page, for the sake of the community.

Current Pangaea Wiki

This wiki was created in March 2016 as preparation for upgrading the original wiki, to experiment with templates and how a mediawiki installation works.

But in 2018 it became clear that the original wiki was starting to become unusable. A mission was put into place to migrate all the content over from the original wiki as an effort to save the content before the original wiki would collapse from neglected hosting.

Since then this has become the official wiki even though it does not share the same hosting as the main website. Perhaps there will be a subdomain linked here, or the wiki migrated to the proper hosting, but we're not holding our breath.

Same community, different hosting

A link to the current wiki was soon added to the main website, though it remained in sub-menus until 2019.

The color theme was created to match the main website in a way and be very readable at the same time, because it was always the intention to migrate this wiki to the correct hosting when possible, to replace the broken one, but that migration never happened.

Account creation

Account creation for the wiki has been limited to manual creation by admins, because at one point we had such influx of bots filling the wiki with weird new pages. Anybody that happens to be part of the Pangaea Community is welcome to join the team of other members to keep this wiki updated.