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Information icon4.png Please help us maintain the wiki by letting the community know whenever you come across a page that can be improved. You simply add an ambox template at the top of the page including a description of what should be done. Updating, correcting, improving, merging, formatting... there are many things to consider.
Read more about how to use the {{ambox}} template

Welcome to the Pangaea Wiki

This Pangaea wiki came into existence because the original wiki for this game stopped functioning properly. But because even if the content failed to display as a page, we could still view the source code for each page and migrate the contents over to it's current location. It is a tedious endeavor to move things over manually but it is worth it so we'll be able to view our content.

Contributing to the wiki

Anyone in the Pangaea community that wishes to contribute to the wiki are free to do so, but you will need to get in contact with an admin (MyraMidnight or Erthel) to get access to the wiki because we have disabled user account creation to protect ourselves from spambots and the like.

Contributions can be of all sorts, such as adding new content, helping us migrate pages from the original wiki, improve and update existing data, add formatting or pictures, keep history, just to name a few things. So please join us if you are interested in assisting us keeping the wiki relevant.

Formatting the wiki

Mediawiki has a unique code for formatting data. There is a quick link in the sidebar titled "Help" that provides all the information you'll need for basic formatting of the wiki.

Using templates

Templates are very handy for inserting repetitive data and can remove clutter from pages!

You can actually content of normal pages into another page just like a template, I imagine it being quite handy for the multitude of spell pages so they can also be compiled into a single page overview while still keeping them separate.

MyraMidnight is the admin that takes care of most template creations, but it is useful for you to understand the basics of templates in order to use and adjust them when needed. You should always use suggested templates when possible.