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Information icon4.png Please help us maintain the wiki by letting the community know whenever you come across a page that can be improved. You simply add an ambox template at the top of the page including a description of what should be done. Updating, correcting, improving, merging, formatting... there are many things to consider.
Read more about how to use the {{ambox}} template

Welcome to the Pangaea Wiki

This place is a source of information about our Pangaea World! All content is expected to be relevant to the current server version.

Want to contribute?

This wiki is managed by the members of the community. We allow all members of our community to contribute to our wiki, but you need an account on the wiki to do so.

Account creation has been disabled because of flood of spambots. Please contact an admin (MyraMidnight or Zano) and have them set up an account for you. Provide them with an email and username you wish to associate with the account.

Please read our guidelines!

Perhaps we already have something you can use to aid your quest of contribution.

Mediawiki Help

Pangea Wiki Specific


Our basics
Layout guidelines


  • The wiki is very CASE SENSITIVE when it comes to links and filenames
  • When you move a page to a new name, it will create a REDIRECT which forwards people to the current location
  • Think of using Templates like you are actually filling in forms, manual is on the template pages themselves
  • Please Use your UserPage like a sandbox to test out formatting or pre-creating content
  • There are sometimes hidden notes which can only be seen while editing, <!-- putting these around the message -->.
  • If you wish to update a picture, then edit it and upload a new version of the file.

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