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== Videos ==
== Videos ==
[https://www.youtube.com/user/sugga3/featured Youtube channel with even more videos]
[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBjlX2g4xgI&list=PL-pOapcWMV6YINq0VyxeC62YRNNn741p0 Youtube playlist of all Pangaea videos]
===== PVM =====
===== PVM =====

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Ivan is a counselor on shard, started as player somewhere around 2004-2005. Has a char in guild The Wayfarers.


Contact info

ICQ: 334-522-476


Youtube playlist of all Pangaea videos


Balron killing

Khaldun 1 and first half of 2 solo hunted

Shame 3-4 solo hunt

Brown lodge tournament
Ivan & Pelle Pellets VS Daren priesten & Sienna De'vitus
Ivan & Pelle Pellets VS Johnny Walac & Momath
Ivan vs Pelle Pellets

Guides by Ivan



I'd recommend instead of 50 resist picking 50 healing for fighters, 50 magery/meditation for casters and 50 crafting skill for merchants.

Priest info is definitely outdated, since religions are being remade and released at later date.

Old religions were re-added to the game.


First to note, even if the specific class you are looking for cannot be found here dont worry! Starting for fighter and magic user classes are VERY similar. So for ranger and fencer classes you should seek archer guide, it will tell you most you need. For knights and warriors, guide for barbarian is similar and will tell you nearly all you need. Rest you'll figure out while playing. As for necromancer and druid you can look at mage guide, it works the same way as for that class at the start.

ABOUT STATS: You cannot lock stats or make them go lower, once you hit statcap one stat will randomly drop or the 1.0 point gain will be negated. You must use potions to drop other stats if you wish to get more of another. Stats will gain even with maxed skills so its suggested to keep few points of total stats free from statcap to be able to control your stats.

Hunting basics

If you are completely new on this shard and don't know at all how hunting works on pangaea, here is a guide for basic tactics. If you cannot "tank" your enemy you will have to use two tiling. You use weapon that has reach of over the tile next to you (you can check which weapons are two tiling weapons from wiki.) You can use this easily by running west - north and south - east direction back and forth past the enemy from either its north - east or west- south side. (make sure there is a tile between you and the monster) It wont get close as long as you do run enough far away from the monster. For health recovery in middle of combat you can use bandages and healing potions, bandaging requires healing for its success and anatomy for its speed.

Magic users usually hunt by using their summons. (this is not possible without 100% magery atleast) So if you are unable to "tank" the enemy and beat it with your staff, you have to rely on casting off screen and running with precasted spell near the monster and using it on the monster. Again retreat away and repeat, with this tactic you might have to hunt with certain magic user classes in the future, but most of them have to rely completely on their summons. Magic users heal in middle of combat with either healing wands or healing potions, you do not have time to cast a healing spell if a monster is approaching.


I started off my barbarian as a knight, but it doesn't really make difference at the start of the game which str based fighter you start as.

I'd highly recommend 50 resist 30 healing 30 any of the fighting skills your choosing for starters, and ofcourse 50 str.

First of all you need to get on the fields and train your str, after if you are heading for heighten i'd highly recommend finishing all 40% skills for barbarian class except cooking. (it cannot be done as baseclass fighter)

Controlling your stats will be a trouble, but simply farming despise will help a lot. After you get classed training mace,tactics , anatomy, healing, resist to max is the most important job. Simply because those skills will be required for better hunting. After getting those done there is two ways to get str, either train parrying, sms and getting str meanwhile or/and harvesting like a crazy man. I doubt you have enough contacts or friends to get indestructable lumberjacking in your hands for str training.

P.S: get that healing and anat done before even thinking of training resist, it will help a lot.


Again i'd start with 50 resist 30 healing 30 archery, first of all either harvesting cotton/flax for sale to get money, also hunting monsters and collecting all arrows and bolts is recommended. Fencing will be your melee skill so its really necessary to get it trained along with archery, archery itself may be a bit of pain in the ass to train but use archery butte's until 45 archery (you'll be able to recover some of the bolts/arrows you waste). If you choose to set destination in heighten from the starters train all 40% and 65% skills in baseclass.

After getting classed again striving for 100 str would be really recommended it will help you alot, for hunting purposes training anat, healing, resist, archery, fencing and tactics are really recommended to be maxed. Most of other archer players have bowyers of their own for providing bows and arrows, so its easy to contact them for purchases. O'hii bows are the best and i'd recommend getting greater cold arrows/bolts and when you start training poisoning with greater poisons GET A LOT NORMAL ARROWS AND BOLTS greater poison arrows/bolts are really good and they'll come beside of your training. Im willing to buy some of those, if you are training poisoning skill (you will get money for more training and I will get my arrows/bolts). Also remember that poisoning skill affects how often you poison with any poisoned weapon or arrow/bolt so using them before having 85 poisoning would be a bit of waste.


I recently deleted mine since I saw no need for having one anymore, its really good class for money making if you have time to harvest or another char with 100 lumberjacking. (I lack char with 100 lumber so no point for having it for money farming.) Tailor is really simple and nice char, all you do is farm cotton / flax on fields and go to tailor shop to turn them to cloth and macro them into clothes and either sell the clothes or (not 100% sure this works with cloth items) use searing kit and dress form to turn them back into cloth and craft again. Getting arm lore and tailoring to 100% is recommended so you can actually craft armors from hides or bones, there is rumors of itemid having effect on creating banner deeds or curtains also so having that trained also is not a bad idea.

If you simply want to farm money on tailor, harvest flax/cotton and turn it into banner deeds and sell to vendor (4gp per cloth basically) or you can try to sell bandages made from bolts with 4gp each(basic price for bandies). Remember that Bolts of cloth can be turned into 25 bandages or 25 cloths and 25 cloths can be turned into 12 bandages... Never make a mistake and first create cloth and then turn it into bandages, you'll lose 50%.

Tools: Sewing kit, Magic sewing kit (blue ones found from lizards and stuff commonly, can be used to newbiefieding non-magical clothing)and searing kit & dress form (for destroying tailored armor).


This is a tricky class, I started with 50 resist 30 mining 30 blacksmithy which was stupid imo should've picked 30 tinkering instead just to save waste of time. You start by buying shovels from vendor and going to beach to mine sand and repeat. From sand you make bottles with tinkering tools to get your tinkering up to 50 or something. Now you buy pickaxes and go mine all the mountains around britain, few assay kits are recommended also for searching ores... There is executor next to britain anvil and forge it will help you up a bit. After a looooong while you have gotten required skills and stats for class, and you'll start wondering how the hell im supposed to do stuff alone. You'll head to nujelm with few thousand iron ingots in bank and loads of shovels in bag and start mining sand like hell to sell for some greedy tinker for money. After you have a money you can afford buying greater heals and greater cure potions and you'll craft some armour from some low grade ore and weapons ofcourse and start training your SMS up so you can handle some of the guardians yourself (now your 50 resist will be worth it) you are able to kill gazers and gargoyles by yourself with high sms + gheals and can searchs for betters veins.

Smithing itself as a skill can be done from 0-100 with iron only, arm lore should be also trained to max. Mining will be essential for getting materials ofcourse.

Tools: Smiths hammer/sledge hammer, Tongs (for smelthing armours&weapons), Assay kits (to determine what ores is in that exact spot), Tinkering tools (for pickaxes) and last but not least gcures and heals for your own survival.


Bard is pretty laid back class, start off with 50 medit 30 music 30 magery as an example... it doesn't really matter as long as you have 50 medit (otherwise it will prove to be pain in the arse). You can actually start off anyway you wish using an instrument for playing a song second or third from bottom of the list to gain... getting 60+ medit is recommended so you can use all songs in bone armour, also magery for fast travel and little nice feats like magic reflection is good to train.

In the end for "perfecting" your bard for hunting purposes getting max music, mace, tactics, magery, medit, resist, provo and peacemaking is recommended. Hopefully I didn't forget any...

As you might've noticed bard doesnt realy have healing abilities except musicianship and magery, which will suck. You'll end up using greater heals and healing wands which will be proven to be effective.


Its troublesome class to start like any other magic user except bard and monk because of meditation training, so 50 medit 30 resist and 30 magery were the skills I started with ofcourse 50str again. Its really hard to gather money with stave weapons and such for reagents, but in the end its possible to collect 50'000 coins for spell book with despise hunting by using a staff. I'd highly recommend buying exceptional yucca quarter or gnarled from some bowyer to clear despise faster. Reagents will cost from 0-100 magery about 100'000 coins altogether which is not still impossible to gather. Getting a spellbook from vendor and filling it with useful spells ain't a bad idea either, getting it filled completely for a greater price later ofcourse.

There aint realy much to say about training, for mage to be perfect it only requires 100 magery and 100 eval, 91 meditation is recommended due petslots (allows 4 fire elementals at once).


Yes I've had one of these once also, its pretty simple class start off with 50 lumber 30 bowyering 30 arm lore, get some armour and whack trees until backpack full, craft some stuff and repeat... Nothing special about it. Easy to train, fairly useless unless you have archer of your own.

Tools: hatchet and skinning knife


Oh yes I've had one of these also, I dislike religions a lot. I made it basically for purpose of trying out and proving that its not even hard to train.

You start with 50 resist as usual, 30 medit and 30 healing. You'll go to altars at britain 2nd healer and waste your mana into it repeatedly, no you don't meditate in between just keep pouring it all in repeatedly. You'll hit 40 medit in no time, then you start with mace and other stuff required for class and play like normal fighter. Once classed you get into religion of your choosing (I was in law which has best tome). You do this so you can get piety timer running as fast as possible. Now you simply train healing, anat, mace, tactics etc. skills to max and be 1337 in few months when you hit 40 piety. You'll get a lot of help from fellow religions members once in religion so no point in contacting me for advice, they know better anyhow.

Yes priest is the most effective class in pvp and pvm atm on the shard thus I dislike it mostly also I don't like religions at all.

Guides for complete newcomers

Just to note out, I've not played these classes myself nor do I know a lot about playing them.


As for monk start up, I'd highly recommend 50% resisting spells, 30% magery and 30% meditation. Train up those skills and hunt with wrestling using leathers / studdeds at the beginning. Wrestling is pretty effective skill against little monsters like lizardmen, if you get it trained. Join a religion as soon as you are classed and you'll get rest of the help from there. Bone mage at britain graveyard can be used for resisting spells training to gain that 5% you are missing, rest of the time just train magery and meditation up. (look for tips from mage guide, its pretty much similar class except the weapon difference and after getting classed difference.

You should strive for 55% resist and 65% magery to get into class. (meditation can be trained easily while in religion trough religious rites so do not hurry with it!)




As you might have read smith guide already, you get the idea for this already. You start out with the skills you choose as usual and follow the guide provided by me or someone for the main skill tinkering itself. You will spend most of the time mining clay or glass, to create porcelain or obsidian later in the game. So be prepared to that.

Tools: Tinkering tools, shovel and pickaxe.


As you might imagine, carpenter requires loads of wood chopping. You can acquire tools from normal shop for the jobs. Hatchets wont break while chopping wood so you dont need replacements. Training goes simply by following the guide.

Tools: Smoothing plane, Hatchet... then there is loads of different stuff for the carpentry skill itself, like hammers and such which do basically the same thing.


As you might imagine this class is simply about cooking! There are various foods on pangaea and all combinations have yet to be found! You concentrate as a cook for fishing to raise your skill in both fishing and cooking, so be prepared to pick up that fishing rod and keep camp fire or oven close to you for the cooking itself! You use dagger to cut the fish into steaks which can be cooked.

Tools: Dagger, Fishing rod and ofcourse campfire or oven.

(These are main tools for getting your skill up, you will need frying pans and such for other types of food instead of fish steaks. For that information you should while training try contacting another cook.)


Alchemist, yeah that money maker class. You'll be buying the reagent shops empty just to create your potions! But you need the empty bottles aye? You make them yourself, if you have to. You can mine sand with shovels and you have tinkering enough to make the tools for that! So choose your starting skills wisely, taste identification also affects success ratio while creating potions.

Tools: Heating stand, mortar&pestle, shovel, pickaxe and tinkering tools

Animal Tamer

This is one interesting class, don't you want to tame all the great beasts on this shard? There certainly is variety in that. To become good at this you need to be sturdy enough to run past the monsters in the forests and so on, so getting resisting spells is really recommended. Animal tamer does not use tools, except macefighting weapons for the monsters he may come across. So its all about going around and taming chickens until you think you can do a dog!