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Artist and a documentation nerd (wiki is good for documentation), married to the person behind the infamous Zano. Known as MyraMidnight in most places on the internet, can find my gallery on deviantart.

Mother of two baby dinosaurs (sometimes they're dragons, sometimes monsters, both boys).

Currently learning Computer Science at the Reykjavik University (in Iceland) with focus on web development.

I might not be a very active member on Pangaea, but my husband's enthusiasm for the community there does carry over. Love helping out when possible.

Characters on server

My main character would be Myra the Moose of The Wayfarers (nicknamed for a favored pair of antlers) who is a animal tamer with dreams of taming dragons.

Kelt the cook makes good pies and knows how to catch tasty fishes. Not sure though if he actually likes fishing though, at least not alone, those tentacle beasts are horrible, it's amazing that Kelt even manages to pull those things out of the water.

Marianne the tailor is quite the hobbyist, and has contracted Kelt to pick all the cotton of the land for her projects (he doesn't complain, think he has a crush on her).

There is also a alchemist named Korvid that hardly leaves his house, taking notes.

Main contributions

My main hobby on the wiki for a while was to research all things related to cooking on Pangaea and creating the Cooking Recipes page, lots of fun exploring the crafting systems and trying to document them. That is why most of my characters are of the crafting sort.

Plans for the Wiki?

I am the host of this wiki, and designed the look of it.

When I have time, I might implement some templates for the wiki. Gained some experience with those while starting up another wiki project (for a game called Krafties that lives within Second Life). I am quite proud that I managed to create a wiki there that currently manages itself and can create new content even if I haven't touched it in years. The trick lies in good documentation for contributors.