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Dot Commands are are used for many various things, giving the user access to options and other helpful tidbits that are not found in the default interface for Ultima Online. While most other games might use either a /command or a [command on Pangaea it is .command so for those new to Pangaea but used to either Ultima on other platforms or other online games in general, this might be a little tricky to get used to but it isn't a huge hurdle to overcome.

Counselor Commands

A Counselor is a normal player who has decided to help out the staff by answering some of the lesser questions mostly to do with game play leaving the more serious questions for the Game Masters and Admins to answer. This being said, they have a set of dot commands that allow them to more easily help out those who are in need of assistance.

Command Description
.gms {text} This allows a counselor to send a broadcast to every staff member currently online.
.ooctalk This allows a counselor to politely remind another player that this is a roleplay shard and that their current conduct is not appropriate for such a shard.
.helpqueue This allows a counselor to check the current pages that are awaiting an answer.

Account Commands

These commands deal mainly with your account.

Command Description
.myaccount Allows you to see and change the email address currently attached to your account or change your password. Just erase the text in the boxes when typing out your new password.
.checkmail Checks to see if you have any new in-game mail. This mail is generally automated reminders from staff about things such as a house decaying soon. Mail is automatically checked when you first log in.
.options Allows you to set some specialized options not available in the default options menu for Ultima Online such as job options, sound options as well as selling options.

Character Status Commands

The following commands have to deal with various character statistics that may not be readily visible through the default game user interface.

Command Description
.consider Displays your current murder counts.
.hunger Displays just how hungry your character currently is.
.myclass Displays your current class and it's Base Class category.
.statcap Displays your character's vitals as well as their total along with the total cap.
.virtue Displays how many virtue points your character has.
.where Gives you the current coordinates that your character is standing at on the world.

Combat Commands

These are commands that for the most part deal with combat related issues.

Command Description
.arm {1 2 or 3} This command will arm whichever weapon/shield set is assigned to the number chosen. The weapon and shield may be in any container in your pack.
.disarm Will remove your weapon/shield; .disarm [1 2 or 3] will assign what was disarmed to the number (see .arm). “.disarm bag” will allow you to designate a container.
.backstab Can only be used when you are in stealth mode. Will let you backstab a person.
.grab Used to quickly loot your OWN corpse.
.lastsong Plays the last song that the bard last played. This does not reset on log out.
.use {bandage, lheal, heal, gheal, anyheal, lcure, cure, gcure, anycure, refresh, frefresh, dagger, lockpick} Uses the specified item, particularly useful for using heal potions and cure potions.
.usewand {wand_type} This command will find a designated type of wand in your inventory and equip it as the main hand weapon and then use the wand. This command also accepts either a question mark or "help" to display the usage text in a gump to help with its use.
.divinevault {mana/stamina/hp} Used to consume a charge of your vault to restore the selected stat. This item is exclusive to the rite Divine Vault for the Order of Imperial.

List for .usewand {wand_type}

Commands tailored to using wands quickly. It is important to note that this command only uses the wand and will not automatically unequip the wand. It is recommended to combine this with .disarm and .rearm to keep using your actual weapons. Old wands you have to use once for the new system to work. Uses include .usewand greaterheal

Command Wand type
.usewand {wand_type}

Emote Commands

The following commands allow you to emote very specific actions in game.

Command Description
.fall Allows you to emote an action in which a falling animation will occur as well as the emote *falls* appearing over your character's head.
.point Allows you to emote that your character has pointed at a non-static object.
.halt Should be used before engaging in PvP if your intended victim is running.

Guild Commands

The following commands pertain to the guild system.

Command Description
.resignfrommyguild Allows you to resign from your guild. It has a 30 minute delay before this takes effect so make sure to remain online until it does. For a quicker way to resign from the guild, simply click the guild button on the Paper Doll and resign that way, it is instantaneous this way. This command seems to be a remnant left over from when you had to resign from the guild stone.

Housing Commands

The following commands pertain to the housing system in one way or another.

Command Description
.decorate Opens the Decorator tool. Very usefull for precise control of items inside your house or that of a friend.
.flip Allows you to change the direction that most decorative items are facing.
.granthouse Allows the Head Priest of a religion to grant ownership of a temple room.
.house Allows you to access your house sign while inside your house.*
.lockdowncheck Displays if there are any items currently not locked down in the house.*

* must be within your house to use these commands.

Inventory Commands

The following commands pertain to your inventory and management of said inventory.

Command Description
.count Allows you to see how many top level and total items are in a container.
.countfocus Displays the total focus count in your inventory.
.lockem Allows you to lock all containers within reach that you have a key for.
.move Allows you to move a mass amount of items from one container to another.
.reg Displays the total amount of reagents currently in your inventory.
.unlockem Allows you to unlock all containers within reach that you have a key for.
.convertskillbooks Use this to convert a bag of skill books to skill Vellums, the cooler version of skill books that are stackable.

Un/dressing Commands

These new commands let you have better control what to take off or rearm quickly. Most of these are used with the .undress command. Uses include ".undress allnojewelry" to take off everything except jewls.

Command Description
.dresslast Put on what you undressed last time, very usefull to throw everything back on after resurrection(only if you used .undress beforehand though).
.undress {option} The base command for everything after this, can be used on its own to unequip everything or with a further command to be more specific.
all Removes all items that are equipped.
allnojewelry Unequips everything except jewelry items.
armor Unequips every piece of armor.
clothing Unequips every piece of clothing.
jewelry Only unequips jewelry items (rings, necklaces, etc).
weapons Only unequips weapon items (shields and weapons...).

Miscellaneous Commands

The following commands do not really seem to fit in any category.

Command Description
.motd Displays the Message of the Day window, displays some changes and bugfixes to the shard.
.online Shows a brief description of the quantity of people currently online.
.msg Will give you a list of people that sent you messages, for example through asking for help from a Counselor or Game Master. Click the blue gem to reply.
.tithingpoints Tells you how many tithing points a religious character has.