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Hunger is a status that affects your character in many ways. To prevent hunger from rising, you need to eat food regularly.

Effects of Hunger

When the character is hungry:

  • Can lead to death through starvation

Hunger status

Whenever your hunger rises, you get the message "your hunger increases" followed by the current status. Each of the messages indicates the current status of your hunger. You can manually call up the information with the ".hunger" command.

The hunger bar consist of 25 points. Every 15 minutes a single point falls off, increasing your hunger. To reduce the hunger, you will need to eat food which has varied amounts of nutritional value (1-10 points).

Hunger does not increase while the character is logged off or dead, but logging in takes 1 point
25 "You're stuffed!"
24-20 "You are no longer stuffed."
20-15 "You start to feel a bit hungry."
15-10 "You are hungry."
10-7 "You are very hungry."
7-5 "You are famished."
4-3 "You're getting dizzy with hunger."
2 "You're absolutely starving!"
1 "You are about to die of starvation!"
0 The player will be dead once hunger reaches 0
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A day within UO consists of 19 points (4 hours, 45 minutes), and having 2 good meals can carry you through the day.

Hunger and Resurrection

When you have been resurrected, you will have 4 points in hunger, meaning you have 1 hour to find some food before starving to death once more.

Eating food

Food items have a varied amount of nutritional value, ranging from 1-10, decreasing your hunger accordingly. When you eat food with higher nutritional value, you get a message describing the taste of the food, which indicates it's nutritional value.

Nutritional indicators (messages)

  1. No message about taste (very low)
  2. Good! Yum! Tasty! (low)
  3. Very tasty! Great! Delicious! (medium)
  4. That tasted wonderful! (high)
  5. That was fabulous! Absolutely delicious!(very high)

Food Item Nutritional Value
All fruits/vegetables Very low
French bread
Garlic Bread Low
Apple fritters
Lemon Tarts
Plate of cookies
Cake (carrot) Very High
Cake (apple)
Cake (lemon) Medium
Cake (lime) Medium
Cake (coconut) Very High
Muffins (cornmeal)
Onion rings Low
Pie (Apple)
Pie (Banana cream)
Pie (Chicken potpie)
Pie (Coconut cream)
Pie (Key lime)
Pie (Lemon meringue) Very High
Pie (Mincemeat)
Pie (Peach Cobbler)
Pie (Pumpkin)
Pizza (Cheese)
Pizza (Onion)
Pizza (Sausage)
Pizza (Vegetarian)
Fish Steak (cooked) Low
Lemon-herb fish Very High
Smoked Salmon Medium
Sushi Medium
Baked ham Low
Honey baked ham Medium
Bacon Low
Beef jerky Low
Bird (cooked)
Sausage (cooked)
Fried Chicken Leg
Fried eggs
Leg of lamb Medium
Rib (cooked) Low
Chocolate Rabbit
Food Item Nutritional Value

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