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Macroing refers to the process of using certain 3rd party tools to automate training or other tasks in UO. Macroing is allowed on Pangaea, provided you don't leave your computer (attended macroing). When you are macroing, you will often be given a macrocheck to make sure you are are not training unattended. Failing a macrocheck results in having your skill set to 0, and loss of stats.

Good Macroing

Now, here are some tips on how to make a ‘good’ macro.

  1. Always use the ‘WaitForTarget’ or a delay, before you select an object’
  2. Always use a delay before you use the ‘CloseGump’
  3. Never spam select target messages to the shard, in order to make a fast macro.

Some of the most common problems when players use easyUO are:

  • The client send a selectTarget, before the server has given the client the target cursor
  • The client spams the server with some specific command because the creator of the script was to “stupid”, to determine when this command should be send, so he just spams it.
  • Use of the LastSkill command, when no there is no lastSkill


UO Loop - the simplest macroing program available

Macroing can be as simple as mapping an in game macro to a key (options -> macro options -> Add), but the following programs are often used as well:

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