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Information icon4.png This page explains usage of OPTIONAL utility tools
they are not required, but can enhance the game experience
EasyUO running an animal feeding script

EasyUO is a program used for macroing and automating certain tasks in UO. It works by reading user-created scripts which execute tasks in your game client in step-by-step manner. The scripts can vary from being very simple processes that only consist of two or three lines to extensive advanced code that performs complex tasks. On Pangaea any script is legal as long as it does not allow your client to function in a manner that is impossible when being controlled by a player. Like all macroing, when using EasyUO you must be present at your computer and respond to macrochecks.

Though EasyUO scripting can be learned by anybody, there is already a large library of scripts available for download both on the EasyUO website and also the Pangaea forums. Though be aware, as Pangaea is a custom-scripted shard, many of the scripts written for OSI will not function as advertised.

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