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A Moongate is a form of transport that allows players to transport great distances.

Usually when people use the term Moongate they are referring to the gates that are located in or near most of the major cities, however players with a sufficient enough Magery skill can open Moongates to specific locations they have marked using a runestone, these are generally referred to as portals.

Here on Pangaea as opposed to other shards, the moongate system works a little bit different, there is no need to wait around for this moon to align with that for the moongates to magically open, on Pangaea, you simply run to the moongate and use the gem for the corresponding city you wish to travel to and it opens the moongate and you are whisked away to your destination.

City Moongate Gem
Britain Star Sapphire
Jhelom Citrine
Magincia Emerald
Minoc Amber
Moonglow Sapphire
Skara Brae Ruby
Trinsic Amethyst
Yew Tourmaline
Any Moongate Diamond