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New haven is over ran by monsters called keldiens, while vendors are still in place and houses are purchase able the matter of fact stays that monsters will re-spawn on the area.

New haven is a small town located West of Britain. It is characterized by having many small individual houses.

New Haven was originally created to alleviate the housing shortage that existed back then (the concept of housevalue didn't exist yet), and to provide more cheaper housing for new characters. After housevalue was introduced, and the housing shortage problem went away it was converted to a regular town with regularly priced houses.

New Haven has 2 inns, stables, ships captain and a famous bath house.

Map of new haven

New haven.png

List of vendors in new haven

  1. Barkeep
  2. Banker
  3. Stablemaster, Animal tamer
  4. Monk guildmaster
  5. Healer
  6. Alchemist
  7. Mage
  8. Baker
  9. Tinker
  10. Banker
  11. Innkeep
  12. Stablemaster
  13. Barkeep
  14. Ship captain
  15. Innkeep
  16. Armorer, Provisioner
  17. Tailor
  18. Bowyer
  19. Weaponsmith

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