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Animals are creatures that can be found all over the world, most are tameable and wild ones are usually hostile. Some animals can be used as steeds. Most domestic animals and steeds can have various patterns/colors

Domestic Animals

Domestic animals are never hostile (unless attacked)

  • Animal chicken.pngChickens, they lay eggs
  • Animal rabbit.pngRabbits
  • Animal cat.pngCats
  • Animal dog.pngDogs
  • Animal cow.pngAnimal bull.pngCows and Bulls
  • Animal horse gray.pngAnimal packhorse.pngHorses, they are ridable. There are also Pack Horses
  • Animal llama.pngAnimal packllama.pngLlamas, they are ridable. There are also Pack Llamas
  • Animal sheep.pngSheep, you can shear sheep for wool
  • Animal goat.pngGoats, you can shear goats for wool
  • Animal pig.pngPigs

Wild Animals

Most wild animals are hostile.

  • Animal alligator.pngAlligators, found in swamps, and deep water (ocean)
  • Animal bird.pngAnimal birds eagle.pngBirds, there are many types, Eagles are big
  • Animal bullfrog.pngBullfrogs
  • Animal cat.pngFeral Cats, Lynxes (golden color) and Bobcats
  • Animal dog.pngFeral Dogs
  • Animal dolphin.pngDolphins, found in deep water (ocean)
  • Animal bear black.pngAnimal bear brown.pngAnimal bear grizzly.pngBears: Black, Brown, Grizzly
  • Wild Boars
  • Animal deer.pngAnimal great hart.pngDeers and Great Harts
  • Animal hildisvin.pngHildisvin
  • Animal rat.pngAnimal rat giant.pngRats and Giant Rats
  • Animal gorilla.pngGorillas, found in tropical areas (swamps and jungles).
  • Shabooli Warhorse.jpgShabooli Warhorses, they are ridable, most common in Skara Brae
  • Animal ostard desert.pngOstards, they are ridable
  • Animal snake.pngAnimal serpent.pngSnakes and Serpents, they can poison you.
  • Animal walrus.pngWalrus, found in water
  • Animal wolf dire.pngWolves and Dire Wolves

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