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Pets are any animals and monsters that have been tamed. You can order them around with commands, since they can be very useful for many things.

  • Steeds -some pets can be ridden, you travel a lot faster on steeds.
  • Guarding -they can protect you, or someone you choose.
  • Attacking -you can make them attack things, can raise a criminal flag depending on target
  • Carrying -all animals can carry things for you, taking some of the weight from you.
    • PackHorse/PackLlama allow you to manage their inventories and can carry a lot more items than others.

Naming Pets

Once you own a pet, you are able to rename them. To rename them you simply have to drag out their hit-bar, which displays their name and health, and edit their name. When you double-click a pet, you will get a same-looking hit-bar, but you are unable to edit their name from there.

Controlling Pets

Pet Command Slots
Creature Slots
Ancient Dragon 22
Royal Dragon 16
Great Dragon 15
White Dragon 15
Green Dragon 15
Grey Dragon 15
Minor Dragons
Drake 7
Frost Drake 7
Spectral Drake 15
Lesser Wyrm 4
Wyvern 6
Stone Wyrm 15
Misc. Beasts
Phoenix 16
Thunderbird 16
Mountable beasts
Unicorn 7
Nightmare 9
Armored Dragon 1
Swamp Dragon 1
Kirin 1
Giant Beetle 1

A character has different amount of Pet Control slots available, depending on their Animal Lore, and different animals use up different number of slots. Basically it depends on the difficulty of taming it, dragons and other dangerous beasts take the the most slots per pet.

Be careful when taking on pets when your number of available slots are low, since pets will roam free if you cannot handle them. You don't want a wild dragon to roam, or the guards to kill your precious pet for being hostile by nature.

Pet Commands

The list of Pet Commands and examples of use. you will always need to mention which pet/s you want to obey you

  • The list of Pet Commands and examples of use. you will always need to mention which pet/s you want to obey you
    • To get specific pets to obey you, simply say their full name before the command.
    • To get all your pets to listen to your command, simply say All instead of their names
Pet Commands
Command Description Target?
[Name] come Come is similar to follow, but the pets will walk around once they reach you. No
[Name] follow Will tell the animals to follow whoever you target. Yes
[Name] follow me Will tell the animals to follow you. No
[Name] guard Will have the tamed animals guard someone against any attacks Yes
[Name] guard me Will have the tamed animals guard you against any attacks No
[Name] attack Will make the tamed animals attack another mobile (can flag you criminal) Yes
[Name] kill Same as "attack" Yes
[Name] stop Will make the tamed animals stop their current action, such as "follow" No
[Name] stay Will make the tamed animals stay at their current spot, useful for certain animals to guard certain areas No
[Name] transfer Will transfer a tamed animal to another player, using all will choose one of your animals and transfer it, using [pet name] will make the specific animal transfer. Yes
[Name] release Releases your tamed pet(s) No
[Name] get Lets a tamed animal carry something placed on the ground, use with [PetName] Only. PackHorse/PackLlama will allow you to see what it's carrying. Yes
[Name] fetch Same as "get". Yes
[Name] drop Drops anything the tamed beast might be carrying. No
[Name] speak Lets the tamed animal speak, saying whatever Is most common to it No
[Name] battle order Can only be used for dragons, usage : [dragons name] battleorders, it will bring up a gump of stuff you can command the dragon to do.
  • Example Pet Commands:
    • All Follow that man -(will give you a targeting cursor)
    • One and All Follow me
    • A horse Stay -(Yes, the default animal names can seem awkward).
    • I say All Stop
  • These would not work
    • I want All to Follow me -(won't work because 'to' in the middle of the command itself)

Feeding your Pets

Pets need to be taken care of, just like you they will get hungry and whine at you. And if you ignore their need for food they will roam free. Once they roam free, you are unable to command them.

  • To feed a pet, you simply pick one food item they can eat, and drop it on the animal. Animals are greedy and will eat whatever you give them! as long as its their prefered food item. Some eat Fruits and Vegetables, others Raw Meat

If you are unable to take care of your pet, but do not wish it to roam free: then go see a Stable Master and have them stable your pet. To retrieve your pet back, you simply hand the deed to the Stable Master.

Special Steeds

There are certain pets that do not need to be fed, and therefor do not roam free due to hunger.

  • Crafted Steeds (Such as Porcelain and Obsidian steeds, that can be fixed when broken to certain extent).
    • When released or killed, they become an object you can keep in your inventory
  • Ethereal Mounts
  • Undead Steed

When you need your pets taken care of in your absence, you should talk to the stable master.

Stabling your pets

The stable master will stable your pets in exchange for gold, turning it into a ticket in your inventory. To get your pet back from the stables, you simply hand your ticket over to a stable master so they can retrieve it for you (it can be any stable master).

Stabling your pets is a good way to keep them from roaming free due to hunger when you are away or can't feed them.

NPC Commands

  • Always keep the command within a sentence to include it in Roleplay, and most vendors won't listen to you if you do not do so.
Command Description
stable Lets you stable an animal you own, hand the deed back to retrieve the animal

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