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The banker will keep your treasures safe for you, so you better be polite.

Just like any other container, the bankbox is not unlimited, but it surely provides a safer place for the things you do not want to loose or can't carry. You can even ask the banker to tell you your balance, to see how much gold you have in your box.

NPC Commands

  • Always keep the command within a sentence to include it in Roleplay, and most vendors won't listen to you if you do not do so.
Command Description
bank Will open up your characters bank box
balance Will tell you your current money situation
status Will tell you your current money situation
account Will tell you your current money situation.
withdraw [amount] Will allow you to withdraw money from your box (ex. I will like to withdraw 200gp)
Example Banker Commands:
  • Banker, my box please
  • Can I see my Bankbox

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