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NPC Commands are ways to interact with the many NPCs on Pangaea. Most only need to hear certain trigger words within a sentence.

Talking to NPCs

When you interact with the NPCs on this shard, don’t use single words, like “bank”, “buy” or “sell”. This will decrease the RolePlay level we try to create on Pangaea. Single words alone have been disabled, so if you have a NPC who does not seem to respond to you properly, try describing what you want do do better.

*Hint* Use more words! *Hint*

only on rare occasions do you need to have a command without any extra words.

Class Guildmasters

[class] Guildmaster
Command Description
Join If you fill the criteria for joining the class, this is how you join it.
Resign If you want to change class, you must first leave your current one. You can join a new class after one week
I am fully trained When you have trained all your skills and wish to join Heigtened class
Continue my training Gives you a gump to show when you can gain in your selected heigtened skills again
I wish to reconsider my heightened skills Lets you select new skills in heigtened class, the ones you dont pick again lose their progression and do not transfer to the new selected skills.


To get a pet to listen to your commands, you have to call it by name (full name), or say All which will tell all your pets to follow the same command. Most of the pet commands need to be said PetName/All+command. Commands such as "Follow" will can tell the pet to follow anyone, giving you a targeting cursor, but if you say "Follow me" it will follow you without the need of targeting yourself.

  • Renaming: you can rename pets by dragging out their hit-bar and edit their name (when double-clicked you will get same looking hit-bar, but cannot rename them through it).

Pet Commands

  • The list of Pet Commands and examples of use. you will always need to mention which pet/s you want to obey you
    • To get specific pets to obey you, simply say their full name before the command.
    • To get all your pets to listen to your command, simply say All instead of their names
Pet Commands
Command Description Target?
[Name] come Come is similar to follow, but the pets will walk around once they reach you. No
[Name] follow Will tell the animals to follow whoever you target. Yes
[Name] follow me Will tell the animals to follow you. No
[Name] guard Will have the tamed animals guard someone against any attacks Yes
[Name] guard me Will have the tamed animals guard you against any attacks No
[Name] attack Will make the tamed animals attack another mobile (can flag you criminal) Yes
[Name] kill Same as "attack" Yes
[Name] stop Will make the tamed animals stop their current action, such as "follow" No
[Name] stay Will make the tamed animals stay at their current spot, useful for certain animals to guard certain areas No
[Name] transfer Will transfer a tamed animal to another player, using all will choose one of your animals and transfer it, using [pet name] will make the specific animal transfer. Yes
[Name] release Releases your tamed pet(s) No
[Name] get Lets a tamed animal carry something placed on the ground, use with [PetName] Only. PackHorse/PackLlama will allow you to see what it's carrying. Yes
[Name] fetch Same as "get". Yes
[Name] drop Drops anything the tamed beast might be carrying. No
[Name] speak Lets the tamed animal speak, saying whatever Is most common to it No
[Name] battle order Can only be used for dragons, usage : [dragons name] battleorders, it will bring up a gump of stuff you can command the dragon to do.
  • Example Pet Commands:
    • All Follow that man (will give you a targeting cursor)
    • One and All Follow me
    • A horse Stay (Yes, the default animal names can seem awkward).
  • These would not work
    • I want All to Follow me (won't work because 'to' in the middle of the command itself)

Adventures Guild

Guild master

Adventures Guildmaster
Command Description
pay Pay the adventurers guild the gold you own them.
status Brings up the status of your current quest.
quest You take on a quest, or cancels an existing one.
join You need to join the adventurers guild before you can take on quests.
resign Should you wish resign from the adventurers guild.
quit same as resign
transfer You can transfer tickets to another player


Adventures Guild Shopkeeper
Command Description
buy Use the tickets you have earned to buy items.
status If you want to you know how many tickets you have at the moment.


Auctioneers can be found around in-game (best known is in the 1st bank of Britain), if you are close enough to them, they will response to these commands.

Command Description
Buy Displays a menu of what the auctioneer is currently selling.
Status Gives you the current status on your bids and bids made on your items.
Collect Lets you collect the money on items you have bought and sold.

Harry the Handyman

Harry the Handyman
Command Description
Trick or treat You will be granted a treat, if of course it’s Halloween.
I lost some gold when I sold my house If your backpack where full when you disowned your house, land or field, Harry will give you the missing gold.
Can you check this Checks armour made long ago and updates it to current functions/updates
I lost my dagger Harry will give you a new blessed dagger
I would like a new identity Harry will give you A Deed Of Change Of Name


The vendors in the world of Pangaea respond to these commands, remember that they only understand full sentences, so blend these words into a normal sentence and you should be good to go.

Command Description
bank Will open up your characters bank box
balance Will tell you your current money situation
status Will tell you your current money situation
account Will tell you your current money situation.
withdraw [amount] Will allow you to withdraw money from your box (ex. I will like to withdraw 200gp)
  • Example Banker Commands:
    • Banker, my box please
    • Can I see my Bankbox
Command Description Target?
buy Will bring up a buy menu near any vendor selling items, works with most vendors. No
sell Will bring up a sell menu of the items you are carrying in your main pack, it can also be used to sell tamed animals of yours, works with most vendors. Yes
sell all Will bring up a target cursor with which you can choose a single item to sell, works with most vendors. Yes
sell bag Will sell any items in bag, that is being bought by that specific vendor. Yes
join Will let you join either of these : base-class guild masters, profession guild masters and virtue guards or chaos guards. No
retire Will let you retire from a profession or a virtue/chaos guard position. No
vendor train Will display a lists of skills a vendor can train you in. Remember, skills he cannot teach you in further will not be displayed, but skills denied from your class/profession will. No
vendor train [skill] Add a skill name to the sentence and you will be asked to pay an amount to the vendor, you will receive the skill instantly. No
job Will give you a job at a vendor, if you have any trading skills worth mentioning, just hand the vendor back the bag and you will receive your payment, works with most vendors. No
  • Example Vendor Commands:
    • Im selling some items
    • I wish to sell all of these
Stable Master
Command Description Target?
stable Lets you stable an animal you own, hand the deed back to retrieve the animal Yes
  • To get your pet back from the stables, simply drop the pet-deed onto a Stablemaster and they will retrieve it for you.
Command Description
light Asks the healer to cast Night Sight(Spell) on you.
Command Description
blackjack Lets you play the game blackjack
Portal Conjurer - they are no longer available
Command Description
portal Will give the destinations
portal [destination] Will give you the portal to destinations for an anmount of gold
Ship Captain
Command Description
sail Will display a list destinations where you can be taken. The price depends on the destination.
  • Destinations: Britain, Buccaneers Den, Cove, Fire Island, Jhelom, Magincia, Moonglow, New Haven, Nujelm, Occlo, Serpents Hold, Skara Brae, Trinsic, Vesper, Yew,
  • Example ShipCaptain Commands:
    • Can you sail me to Britain? -(Will ask you if you wish to sail to Britain, need to accept the price to sail)
    • I wish to Sail to Skara -(Will ask you if you wish to sail to Skara Brae, need to accept the price to sail)
    • Can I sail on your ship? -(Captain will list some destinations)

The Captain is usually not picky on your way of saying the Destination, so misspelling can sometimes be understood.

Player vendors

Player vendors allow players to sell their own goods to other players and also display items for sale in the market stall. Items to be sold by the vendor should be dragged onto him/her. Prices assigned for stacked items are per item, not for the entire stack.

Player Owned Vendors
Command Description
display Used by the vendor owner to set the sale price for a locked down item.
buy this Used by the buyer to purchase a locked down item for sale.
manage Used by the vendor owner to determine how much space the vendor has.
purchase Used by the vendor owner to set items that the vendor will purchase and the price.
buy Will bring up a buy menu near any vendor selling items
sell Causes the vendor to report what it is currently buying and at what prices.
collect Used by the vendor owner to collect all gold held by the vendor.
log Used by the vendor owner to see a log of who has purchased goods.
undress Strip the vendor.
wear Allows the vendor owner to set clothing and armor for the vendor to wear.
retrieve Allows the vendor owner to remove things from the vendor’s inventory.
help Used by the vendor owner to display a set of eligible commands.


Warriors are found around in the various cities, the commands below allows you to control your warrior. “Name” is the specific name of the warrior you want to address. As with all other spoken commands, try to implement these into full sentences.

You can at no time command more than 2 warriors, and no more then 6 warriors can be recruited at the same time, per account. You can access a warriors backpack but clicking on him (you must stand right next to him), and by dropping items on him, you can place item in his backpack.

To locate your warriors you can use the command “status” to any normal or order guard, he will then show you a list of your warriors, and for a prize he will even summon them for you.

A warrior will gain stats when he is fighting or training, but only if you are online and close to him. A warriors skill will be set accordingly to your skills (with some restrictions), when you hire him after that he will check your skill once in a while to see if he has/can learn anything more from you.

  • Just like with pets, you can say All instead of their specific name, to get all your warriors to obey the same command.
  • If you equip a ranged weapon on your warrior, he can only use normal ammo for them
Warrior Commands
Command Description Target?
Join The first thing to do, Will ask the warrior to join you. No
[Name] status Gives you your warriors status scroll, listing his/her stats and skills (this will delay any other action untill you close the scroll) No
[Name] kill Will make the warrior attack the chosen target. Yes
[Name] attack Will make the warrior attack the chosen target. Yes
[Name] stop Will stop the named warriors current action. No
[Name] heal Will have the warrior heal himself (remember to give him bandages). No
[Name] heal me Will have the warrior heal you (remember to give him bandages). No
[Name] come Will have the named warrior come to you. No
[Name] follow Will have the named warrior to follow the target. Yes
[Name] follow me Will have the named warrior to follow you. No
[Name] guard Will have the named warrior to guard the target. Yes
[Name] guard here Will have the named warrior guard a ground target you choose. Yes
[Name] drop Drops all items from the backpack of the warrior. No
[Name] status Shows a gump containing details of str, dex, int and skills of the warrior. No
[Name] train This allows you to target an object, i.e. A dummy in which the warrior will hit to train. Yes
[Name] wear This allows you to target items for the warrior to wear. (must be in your backpack). Yes
[Name] undress Removes all items worn by the warrior into it’s backpack. No
[Name] mount Mounts designated steed. Yes
[Name] release Releases the warrior from your service. No

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