Cult of Tekstone

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Dennac is the name of the Cult´s deity

The Head Priest’s name can be found on the altar.

The Cult of Tekstone operates from the city of Wind. Tekstone opposes Nature. They allow all classes, but merchants and druids, who are their natural enemies. The Cult´s official color is black, and the Head Priest holds the dye tub. Tekstone opposes Nature because Nature serves Gaea, and defends her creation against the destructive influence of Dennac.

The members of the Cult of Tekstone are, in one way or another, convinced that the Circle will come to and end as historic predecent suggests. Some believe they are the instruments of destruction, while others believe the world is destined to end and they are merely helping the process along. Common for all is the belief that Dennac, the ancient god who has time and again destroyed creation, will reward them after the fact.

The divine powers of the Cult of Tekstone are focused on plague, poison and deciet. Though suffering and despair, they will demoralize the people and weaken their resistance, so that the bastions of the natural world will fall into their hands and hasten Dennac´s triumph. Cloaked in his deceptive veil, they can descend among the common people to bring word of the coming apocalypse.

A wide assortment of people find their way to the Cult, but few endure and prosper in it. Tekstone has literally been known to fight the world, rarely finding allies, and this harsh reality selects only the strongest for survival. Tekstone has a small but fanatical military force and few strongholds except their traditional home built around the Altar of Destruction. They are known to employ all means necessary to advance their goals, either hiding from the public eye or crafting bold strategies for conquest as the situation merits.

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