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Order of Law, Order of Imperial, Order of Nature and the Cult of Tekstone

On Pangaea, one of the most important aspects of shards dynamics are the religions.

Religions or “Orders” as we like to call them, are player run and they play a very big part in the world. Below you will find some general information about religions and specific information on the religions/orders that currently exist.

Pangaea has 4 religions:

Joining a religion

To become a member of a religion, the applicant must swear to obey the religion's orders and and laws. The applicant must also relinquish any affiliation with another guild to join a religion. When a cleric uses the sacrament indoctrination, Priests, Monks, Knights and Rangers joining a religion will by default have their piety set to 10.

Any other class, but the specific denied (look under religion descriptions) will still become a member of the Order but will not have the ability to use a tome, receive piety, or any other cleric reserved action. A powerful cleric can promote by using indoctrination once more, his members and grant them more piety, but only to a certain point.

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