House Commands

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Command Description
i wish to lock this down for decoration Will lockdown an item or a stack of max 2 items. Items locked down cannot be used by anyone.
i wish to lock this down Will lockdown an item or a stack items. Items locked down can be used by anyone. If you target a container it will be locked down, but not secure.
i wish to release this Will release a locked down item/stack
i wish to secure this Will secure a container, secure levels are based on character status towards the house, they can be made openable to only the owner, owner and co-owner or friends and everything above. You can also select individual friends on the list making the container spesifically only openable by them.
i wish to unsecure this Will unsecure a container (the container must be empty)
i wish to raise this Will raise an item by 1 (Z-axis)
i wish to lower this Will lower an item/stack by 1 (Z-axis)
i wish to drop this Will drop an item from your backpack on the ground where you stand.
i wish to refresh this house Will refresh your house for 90 days
i ban thee Will move a mobile to the house sign, and add him to the bann-list (the ban list is currently disabled)
i welcome thee Will remove a mobile from the ban list(The ban list is currently disabled)
i wish to change secure level Should you wish to change security level on a secure this is what you need.

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