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Players can buy a house to call a home.

  • You are limited to total of 50 House Value.
    • The House Value is account bound, so the number is shared across all characters
    • Players cannot buy a House while renting a room at the Inn, since those rooms count as 50 House Value.

Land Type

  1. House from 1 to 100 will be considered Small houses
  2. House from 101 to 320 will be considered Normal houses
  3. Houses from 321 to 520 will be considered Large houses
  4. Houses from 521 to 869 will be considered Huge houses
  5. Houses from 870 and up will be considered Special houses
  • Houses inside Britain are blocked with a "Britain limit" so a player can only buy a single house inside Britain.
  • Religion houses (granted by the Head Priest) will be considered "Holy houses".
  • Land bought next to your special house will be considered "Special Garden" and are attach to the house sign so only owner of this house can buy it.
  • Land bought next to your house will be considered "Additional land" and are attach to the house sign so only owner of this house can buy it.
  • Land bought anywhere else will be considered "Fields"

House Value

If the "Land Type" is "Fields", "Additional land" or "Special Garden" the area need to be multiplied by 0.09 before proceeding with the calculation
  • If area >= 1070, the housevalue will be 50
  • Elseif area >= 820, the housevalue will be: ((area-820) / 115) + 40
  • Elseif area >= 520, the housevalue will be: ((area-520) / 50) + 30
  • Elseif area >= 245, the housevalue will be: ((area-245) / 25) + 15
  • Else the housevalue will be: (area / 17.5) + 1
Do note that housevalue is always rounded down, so 29.999 will still only give a house value of 29

House and land costs

We do not sell houses owned by NPC vendors or houses reserved for future plans.

The pricing system on Pangaea is based on size and type of houses/land/fields. It is priced as written below.

First we got to set up some basic terms we use. When we calculate house prices, we do it on a tile based measurement and always in rectangles (T, L, C houses must be bought in a rectangle). The cost per tile is based on what kind of house it is, we have 10 categories. Fields, Additional Land, Special Garden, Small House, Normal House, Large House, Huge House, Special House, Holy Land and Holy Houses.

House area is calculated by multiplying the length and width, including the walls. If a house has more then 1 floor, all additional tile are added to the house area. Wall are included on all floors. The area can be seen on the house sign ‘Total House Area’

This is how the system will calculate lockdowns, containers, secures, house value, tile price etc.

Tile price

  • Small houses will cost 3000 gold per tile
  • Normal houses will cost 3500 gold per tile
  • Large houses will cost 4000 gold per tile
  • Huge houses will cost 5000 gold per tile
  • Special houses will cost 6500 gold per tile
  • Special Garden will cost 1500 gold per tile
  • Additional land will cost 1500 gold per tile
  • Fields will cost 1500 gold per tile

Paying Taxes

You need to pay monthly taxes that go towards the town in the area you live in. The mayor of the town which your house belongs to can set the taxes to be 0-10%, with 1% being the default taxes. All money paid in taxes goes to the townstone, supporting the town.

House Decay

If you fail to pay your taxes, the house will decay. This will remove lockdowns from items and containers, leaving them to decay naturally.
  • After paying taxes, you can "refresh" your house, which prevents the house from decaying for 3 months.
  • This means that you have to pay your taxes at least every 90 days to prevent decay

Furnishing the House

  • Containers: the limit of containers that have simply been "locked down", anyone can access these if they get inside.
    • Secured Containers: Containers can be set to being locked for either owner only, or friends of the house.
  • Lockdowns: Items and stacks can be placed within the house and "locked down", they can be used but not moved or picked up
    • Decorations: items that have been locked down as decorations cannot be used, and are limited to 2 items max per stack.

The amount of these lockdowns and containers is calculated in the following ways:


Secures can be calculated this way:
  • Max secures = ‘House Value’ * 0.67
Do note that max secures is always rounded down, so 18.999 will still only give 18 secures
‘Special Garden’, ‘Additional land’ and ‘Fields’ will always have 0 secures, ‘Holy land’ always 20 secures and ‘Holy houses’ always 2.


The amount of container can be calculated like this:
Max containers = ‘House Value’ – Max secures
The house value for ‘Special Garden’, ‘Additional land’ and Fields’ will equal Max containers.
‘Holy land’ and ‘Holy houses’ won’t have any containers.


  • Additional land’ and Fields’ will have, House area + 20 lockdowns
  • Special Garden’ will have, House area + 120 lockdowns
  • Holy land’ will have 250 lockdowns
  • Holy houses’ will have 30 lockdowns
  • Normal houses’ will have, House Value * 6 lockdowns
  • Large houses’ will have, House Value * 9 lockdowns
  • Huge houses’ will have, House Value * 16 lockdowns
  • Special houses’ will have, House Value * 21 lockdowns

When buying Special Garden or additional land, a minimum of 60 tiles must be bought and must be next to your house. It can be bought anywhere as long as it doesn’t block any public road or passage.

  • Special Garden and Additional land cannot be bought in front of a houses main door, so it is possible to block the door.
  • Only one square of land can be bought per house (small exceptions can be made).


  • It is illegal to scam or cheat when trading houses, this applies both for the seller and buyer. You are not allowed to block off a room or a part of your house with items you lockdown, place with a deed or the sorts. Nor are you allowed to block the entrance to your house with anything. This rule will apply for all house types including fields and land. We will destroy any item used to block off an area, without warning you about it.
  • Blocking an entrance or a part of a room completely with religion rites Interdiction and Blessed Peace is considered illegal.


  • If you lock your doors, only characters with a key can freely enter and exit the house
  • Even if players cannot enter the house, they can attack pets that have been left within.
  • Forgetting to pay your taxes can cause the house to decay
  • Remember to refresh your house after paying taxes, it keeps it safe longer.

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