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Bones are a resource that is harvested from cutting corpses. There are many types of bones available.

Backpack displaying many bones

Bones for Armor

The Tailor can create Bone Armor from the many bones available, and they can give special enhancers and resistances.

Bones for Reagents

Normal BonesNormal Bones can be used as a reagent
Daemon Bone Daemon Bone is a special reagent

List of Bones

List of Bones
Bone Enhancements
Normal bone No enhancements
Large humanoid bone Provides magic resistance effect
Daemon bone Provides damage reflection on hit chance
Cacodaemon bone Provides good protection
Dragon bone Provides damage block on hit chance
Enchanted bone Provides poison resistance, can be used to summon a skeleton
Orc bone Provides protection from manadrain
Rat bone Provides 2 poison resistance
Troll bone Resists paralyzation
Spider bone Provides fire resistance
Gargoyle bone Provides resistance to dark energy
Terathan bone Provides 6 energy resistance
Ophidian bone Provides 6 cold resistance
Vampire bone Provides small amounts of all resistances
Phoenix bone Provides magic resistance
Lizard bone Provides energy resistance
Giant bone Provides +5 all resistance
Thunderbird bone Chance to paralyze when being hit
Frostwing bone Provides +5 intelligence per part
Venomwing Chance to poison when being hit
Minotaur bone Provides +6 fire resistance

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