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List of Leather Hides that can be collected on Pangaea.
Crafting with Hides requires Tailoring.
What you can craft from hides includes:
  • Backpacks, Bags, Pounces
  • Boots
  • Leather/Studded Armor
  • Gloves (snooping, knuckled, plain)
  • Bridle
Enhancements have an increasing chance the more armor pieces you're wearing from the same set.
List of Hides
Hide Enhancements Special
Hide No enhancements
Daemon (Black) Chance to reflect incoming damage when hit
Dragon (Black) Chance to block against Vampires' drain Assassin Hoods can be made
Giant (Cloud) 5 Resistance against all elements
Cyclops Resistance against dark energy ( Keldien )
Fiend (Electrical) Lowers spell mana-cost Electrical damage in knuckled gloves
Fiend (Fire) Protects against mana drain Fire damage as knuckled gloves
Fiend (Poison) Poison damage as knuckled gloves
Giant (Fire) 8 Resistance against fire damage
Ostard (Frenzied) 6 Resistance against energy damage
Dolphin Reflect physical damage Snooping gloves won't break
Drake (Frost) 6 Resistance against frost
Giant (Frost) 8 Resistance against frost
Dragon (Glacier) 4 All resistances
Dragon (Green) Resistance against poison
Dragon (Gray) Can protect you from paralyzing
Grizzly Bear No enhancements
Giant (Hill) Resistance against energy damage
Fiend (Ice) Chance to protect mana drain Ice damage in knuckled gloves
Imp Resistance against fire damage
Lizard Resistance against energy damage
Lizardman Warlock Resistance against spells
Nightmare No enchantments
Polar Bear 4 Resistance against frost
Daemon (Red) Chance to reflect damage when hit
Dragon (Red) Reflects physical damage
Dragon (Royal) Resists magic
Sea Serpent Resistance against mana-drain
Serpent Resistance against poison
Giant (Stone) Chance to block incoming damage when hit
Giant (Storm) Chance to reflect incoming damage when hit
Titan Resistance against fire damage
Troll Chance to block incoming damage when hit
Unicorn Can protect you from paralyzing
Giant (Water) Can protect you from paralyzing
Dragon (White) 3 Resistance to all elemental types
Wyrm 6 Protection against poison

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