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Most potions are consumable versions of spells that anybody can use. They can be crafted by alchemists and found as loot.

Potions normally apply temporary effects and enhancements
  • Replenishing potions are positive, they heal, cure, and regenerate.
  • Enhancing potions have special effects: hiding identity, invisibility and nightsight
  • Protecting potions do just that, protect the character from damage and effects
  • Buffing potions will temporarily increase certain stats (strength, dexterity, intelligence)
  • Poisons can be used with the poisoning skill.
  • Special potions remove curses, and truesight allows you to track players from a distance
The following potions have a permanent effect on your character
  • Stat Drop potions will drop your stat by a certain amount. Good for managing stat-cap

List of Potions

Most potions have three variants: Lesser, Normal and Greater Template:Potions

  • Stat Drop potions will permanently drop your stat by a certain amount. They are great for managing your stats when you have reached your stat-cap

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