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If you're looking to kill an enemy quietly, than Poisoning is the skill for you. You can poison your blade and stab your foe with it or in the dead of night sneak into his kitchen and poison his favorite food with it. This skill is very useful, used by the deadliest of all assassins, it will help drop even the biggest of creatures you may encounter but be careful, applying poisons can be quite dangerous.

Many alchemists have become rich with the money they have made making potions for those who wish to master this skill, it's one of the slower skills to raise on Pangaea and will undoubtedly cost vast amounts of gold.


To use the skill, either setup a macro in the in game macro options or just click the little blue gem next to the skill in the skill log, target the poison potion you wish to utilize and then target the weapon or food you wish to poison.


Below is a guide to get Poisoning to 65 in skill.

Skill Poisons to Use
0 - 20 Vendor Train
20 - 40 Lesser Poison Potion
40 - 65 Normal Poison Potion


1.) Find some Poison Resistance gear, this will help a lot.

2.) Be patient, it's a slow, expensive skill to max out.

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