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Trading is how you exchange items with other players and NPCs.

To initiate a trade, you drop the item onto the character on the gamescreen
  • When you drop the item or gold onto the player, you will get a trade gump which both parties need to accept before the trade happens.
  • You can put anything into that trade window that is an item, money, containers, and such
  • If you open a container in the trade gump that you are planning to hand over, you will be displaying it to the other player as well.
Be careful of
  • Not accidently dropping the items on the floor instead of the player/NPC, else anybody can pick it up.
  • If the items are too heavy to be carried, don't expect the other player to be able to hold it either: they will drop it onto the floor automatically in that case once the trade ends.
  • Large stacks can also be too heavy to put into the trade window, in this case you will try to put them in your backpack, but most likely it will end on the ground.
  • If the other player is giving you a container with items, you can ask them to show you the contents: they need to open the container within the gump on their end.
Trading with a NPC
  • Unlike with players, a NPC will not have a trade gump. They have a special shopping gump which appears if you ask to buy things from them.
  • When you are Vendor Training, You need to drop the exact amount onto them which they ask for, else they will return it.
  • You can also ask for a Job from a vendor, upon completion of said job drop the special bag on them for your payment.
Exchanging pets
  • You can exchange pets by using a command to exchange owners.
"[Pet Name] transfer" and then you choose the new owner with the targeting cursor
  • To trade pets for payment, its best to stable them first. Unless you trust the other player well enough to pay you after or beforehand. Using the trading gump is more secure for both parties.