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NPC is short for None-Playable-Character, which means creatures and characters that are in the game which are not actual players. When people talk about NPC they are usually referring to human or humanoid characters, while the rest are usually just called Monsters or Animals.

Mobs are living, moving game entities, which is another term for NPCs

Innocent NPCs

These NPCs are friendly humans that can be interacted with. Since most all are innocent, hurting and killing them is a criminal act.

Neutral NPCs

These NPCs are neutral when encountered, and most can be interacted with in certain ways. They only turn hostile when you attack them

Hostile NPCs

These NPCs are hostile and will attack the player on sight. They can be calmed down, and some can even tamed.


Pets are considered property of the player who commands it, so their reputation color will be the same as the owner and same rules apply when attacking pets as the player that owns them.

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