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Virtue is Ultimas moral axis, it is gained through acts like slaying monsters, but can also be lost with usage of unsavory skills like Necromancy or Poisoning.

Monsters slain will give virtue depending on how hard they are to kill, from tiny amounts, to huge amounts. While poisoned weapons will drop your virtue by a set ammount every time your weapon poisons something or whenever you succeed at speaking with the spirits..

Message Virtue gained
a tiny amount of 1
a very small amount of 2
some 3
a good amount of 4
a lot of 5
a great amount of 6
a massive amount 7+

Positive Virtue titles Required Virtue
Honorable 200
Commendable 400
Admirable 800
Reknowned 1.600
Famed 3.200
Noble 6.400
Illustrious 12.800
Great 25.600
Glorious 51.200
Negative Virtue titles Required Virtue
Rude -200
Unsavory -400
Dishonorable -800
Dastardly -1.600
Malicious -3.200
Ignoble -6.400
Vile -12.800
Sinister -25.600
Dread -51.200