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List of Songs

Bard songs
Aggressive Songs Sounds of Injury • Sounds of Damage • Sounds of Demolition • Stunning • Dispelling
Helpful Songs Illumination • Transportation • True Seeing • Recovery • Cleansing • Revival
Modifying Songs Fertility • Lightheadedness • Shielding • Bane • Boosting • Transparency • Feedback
Name Type Description
Illumination Helpful Illumination is the song of Night Sight and is a mass song works on anyone within a certain distance from you.
Sounds of Injury Aggressive Sounds of Injury is your first damage song and is also a mass song. The special about this though is that the instruments you can use to inflict damage on others are the flute and the drum. The flute & the drum does the most damage and has the best range in the damage category.
Fertility Modifier Fertility is a very useful create food song. When you get real good you can supply an army on the fly.
Lightheadedness Modifier Lightheadedness is used to drain mana from foes. But be careful as it works on anyone within a certain distance of you including blue players and NPC’s. So don’t do this in town. The same with the damage songs.
Shielding Modifier Shielding will improve Armor Rating. And Also on others when you get good enough.
Transportation Helpful Transportation is your way of getting home from anywhere except some dungeons and other non magic places. You can only mark one location in memory though.
Bane Modifier Bane will stat curse anyone or anything in the area of effect range.
Sounds of Damage Aggressive Sounds of Damage is your second damage song. more powerful than Injury and with a nice lightning strike. This is also a kind of chain lightning since it will hit anyone within a certain distance.
True Seeing Helpful True seeing is your way of uncovering invisible or hiding foes. works within a certain area.
Boosting Modifier Boosting will boost your stats. And also on others when you get good enough.
Recovery Helpful Recovery is healing. and is the most appreciated song by hunting friends. As it is incredible. Also a mass spell.
Cleansing Helpful Cleansing is another powerful song. Very good for curing poisons and also plague/decay.
Transparency Modifier Transparency will do exactly that you will become invisible, this song works the same as hiding
Revival Helpful Revival will revive players and/or player pets as long as they have not been dead too long
Sounds of Demolition Aggressive Sounds of Demolition is the most lethal of bardic songs, it will cause damage on a massive scale to anything alive in the area of effect range
Stunning Aggressive Stunning will stun any player/mob for a duration of time dependent on the magical instruments properties
Feedback Modifier Feedback will give all those in the area of effect a magical shield [on top of song of shielding] that takes the melee damage received and reflects it back to the damage dealer.
Dispelling Aggressive Song of Dispelling dispels all summons and field spells.
Decay Aggressive No longer Available - Sound of decay has two effects it will either Flesh rot the victim's causing them to become stunned for a certain amount of time or it will cause Plague in the victim's, this is an area of effect song.

Aggressive Songs

Best played on a Drum or Flute

Helpful Songs

Best played on a Harp, Lute or Standing Harp

Modifying Songs

Best played on a Tambourine, with or without a ribbon.

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