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If you wish to serenade that beautiful maiden while she curiously looks down to see who is singing on the street below or you just want to be able to play powerful songs which will damage your foes, you must become a student of Musicianship. The songs in which you learn from this skill are quite powerful, they do not discriminate, if anyone within earshot of the song it will affect them for good or bad depending on the song. You must be very careful as playing helpful songs around enemies will turn you into a criminal and when you return to town, the guards will not take kindly to you aiding the enemy and slay you on the spot. Similarly, the songs that cause damage will damage anything around you so if you happen to play the song and damage a good person, again, the guards will not take kindly to this.

Interestingly enough, Musicianship is it's own skill here on Pangaea. Unlike on other shards in which Musicianship is only a factor when using the three other "Bard" Skills, here on Pangaea, it has no effect on those skills nor they on Musicianship.

You might find yourself asking what if anything does the different instrument types do, are they important? Yes they are, depending on the song type you are playing, each instrument has a different affect on that song type, so for a buffing song, you might find that a harp is probably the worst instrument you could use for those types of songs while it is the best to use a harp for healing songs.

Who can use it?

  • Only bards get to use this skill, and train it to 100%


To use the skill, acquire an instrument and double click it, a gump will then appear with the songs that you know in the list.

To gain skill in musicianship, the best way seems to play either the second or third song from the bottom of the gump.

Tools of the Trade

Bards make use of musical instruments to be able to play their music.

Skill Guide

20-30 - Fertility
25-30 - Lightheadedness
30-35 - Shielding
35-40 - Transportation
40-45 - Bane
45-50 - Sound of damage
50-55 - True seeing
55-60 - Boosting
60-65 - Recovery


  1. Using the .lastsong command will play the last song you've played, making it relatively easy to build this skill.
  2. You dont need to finish the song to practice it, so there is no need to start harming bystanders.

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