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Ever find yourself in a situation where you just had nothing to wear? Well with the Tailoring skill, you'll never find yourself in that situation again!

With tailoring, not only can you create a wide variety of clothing but you are also able to craft armors of many different sorts. Using the hides from freshly skinned animals you can create light weight leather armor as well as the slightly heavier and more protective studded armor. Using the bones of creatures, a tailor can even craft armor from these rather strange armor materials.

Like Blacksmithy and Bowcrafting, Arms Lore compliments this skill so it is recommended that you max out Arms Lore before you build Tailoring.

Who can use it?


Skill Guide

To use the skill, acquire a sewing kit from a tinker npc or player, use it and target cloth, hides or bones.

Below is a example guide to get Tailoring to 65 in skill. You can craft different clothing than the list depending on your skill level. The amount of cloth needed to craft the item can be a rough guide to how difficult it is to craft.

Skill Items to Craft
0 - 20 Vendor Train
20 - 25 Bandana
25 - 32 Skullcap
32 - 40 Floppy Hat
40 - 50 Jester Hat
50 - 60 Wizard's Hat
60 - 65 Fancy Shirt

Tools of the Trade

You can buy the tailor's tools from a local NPC tailor, or have other merchants make them.

The tailor's bag

The tailor's tools:


The Tailor crafts many types of clothes and leather armor. To craft with tailoring you double-click a sewing kit and choose the material you wish to work with, cloth or hides/leather

see Crafting (tailor)

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