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Order of Law robe and steed color.
The official Order of Law's color is true white and the head priest holds the dye tub.

Order of Law worship the god Winchester.

The current head priest is Kane.

The Order is located in Britain and opposes Imperial, Tekstone and all kind of criminal brigands. They allow all classes, but merchants, necromancers and thieves.

Men of Law fight with honor and take pride in any battle they win, no matter how many advantages they might have had. Rescuing and defending the innocent, and following the commandings set forth by Lord British, is what this Order is all about. Men of Law do not associate with known murderers, unless there are great times of trouble.


The first religion found, `cause of the villains flooding the lands of Britannia, an order to uphold law and justice was created. Their god Winchester, once a brave and unspiritual knight of Lord British, stands for the good and pure hearted soul. The Order of Law is located in Britain, they follow the laws set out by Lord British and their own code of laws.

Retrieved from shard's history: But everything changed in the ninth circle of Destruction. Nothing would be the same again. A mortal man had been born, his name was Winchester and with his pure heart and mighty sword he had earned himself respect among his fellow man. A prophecy said that a mortal man would be the one to stop the endless war and bring order to the world. This man was Winchester. In his younger years he had become the commander of Lord British’s army and most trusted warrior. Lord British the seventh, the king who had built up the great city of Britain, made it posper by trade and commerce, order and justice. For Lord British’s empire to grow he would have purge Dennac and his followers from the mortal realm. He called upon Sir Winchester who was ordered to start a campaign against the God Dennac. After many epic battles the outcome of the war was still unclear so Sir Winchester and a group of men were sent out to investigate the rumour of cult called Tek-stone, mortal men who had been corrupted by Dennac’s influence. This stone is the one Dennac used to corrupt humans and later used it to feed his army with anger and hatred, granting them supernatural powers. But if this stone could be found and destroyed there might be hope for a quick end to the war. Sir Winchester fought valiantly but failed in his task and was killed. The groups healer had tried to bring his body back to life, but something strange had happened. Instead of bringing him back to life, his body faded and his spirit rose up unto the heavens. A new god had been born. One whose purpose was to bring order and law to the land. The group of men who had followed Sir Winchester formed the Order of Law and dedicated their lives to defend those in need, uphold justice and maintain order over the land. With Winchester’s help the Order of Law almost succeeded in destroying Dennac and his followers. Many thought that Dennac was beaten for good and that peace would finally be obtained. It took almost a year for Dennac to build up a new cult. War had broken out once again but with less evil influence from Dennac as now he had Winchester to deal with.

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Code of Laws

1st: You must never tell a lie, nor endorse the denial of the truth.

2nd: You must at all times show honor and spread the glory of this Order.

3rd: You must always defend the poor and the weak.

4th: You may take any need in the use should the situation require it.

5th: You shall follow the law set out by the Lord and strike down those violating it.

6th: You will follow the commands set forth to you by the Head Priest.

7th: You will honor and swear to the god known as Wichester.

8th: You will never violate any innocents.

9th: You will judge any situation requiring your attention with proper authority.

10th: You must stay true to your faith and your brothers in faith.

11th: You must follow these code of laws and swear them whenever you visit the altar of Law.

Picture of Law altar.
Picture of Order of Law altar and it's location on map

Special Rituals

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