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Animal Taming is a unique skill which allows a player to go out and domesticate the wildest of animals. Whether it be the lowliest chicken which every good Cook needs the eggs from or the colossal dragon every traveler or adventurer wishes they had whilst being jumped by the treacherous brigands that occasionally roam the lands. This is not a skill for the fainthearted, a successful tamer must learn how to stand their ground against the toughest beasts of the land.

Who can use it?


Skill Guide

When training this skill, keep in mind that any previously tamed animal will not give you any gains. So releasing them will not help in training this skill.

Skill Subjects
20-30 Cow, sheep, chicken
30-45 Horse, deer, wildboar
45-55 Brown bear
55-60 Great hart
60-65 Bulls, shabooli warhorses, dire wolves.
  • As long as you can fail at taming the animal, it can give you gains.
  • Hostile creatures can be tamed, just dazzle them first (Peacemaking)
  • You should tame every creature and sell them to NPC Animal Tamers (its one way to earn gold)
  • When an animal is way out of your skill level to train, you will be told that you have no chance in taming it.
  • You can actually tame some monsters

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