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Ambox important.png The content of this page was copy-pasted from the original pangaea-world wiki without changes. It has not been confirmed with current version of Pangaea, so it might be outdated and/or inaccurate

Here is a list of the rites every religion shares, the words of power, and a short description of its effect. Its missing the religion spesific rites since im lazy

Rite Chant Effect
Communion Contactus Oraculum Accipio Potestas Freezes you and regenerates your mana
Concentration Defigo Increases the piety of the person targeted
Excommunication Expulsum Fugitivus Fides Removes target player from the religion
Indoctrination Prodoceo Inservio Deus Invites target player into the religion
Palimpsest Abdo Eruditio Removes a Rite from a Holy tome
Requiem Mortuus Amoveo Ara Resurrects a member of the same religion and transports them back to the temple
Revelation Doctum Eruditio Conor Teaches a rite to a member of the religion.
Transformation Productum Ritus Libri Creates Holy Tomes and Holy Symbols at your religion's altar.
Abjuration Emoveo Incompositus Dispels spells and polymorph, modifies empyrean sigils, blesses focus
Absolution Pestis Relevo Removes corruption
Apotheosis Diabolus Novo Polymorph into avatar form
Armament Invalesco Materia Bless weapons and armor
Banishment Diluo Quedam Banish a player or ghost to a random island
Beatification Sanctus Sanctus Sanctus Grant a Holy Symbol or Holy Tome its power
Blessed Peace Divinus Otium Creates a stone that regenerates health or resurrects
Conflagration Acervus Flamma Noceo Area of effect, high damaging rite
Convocation Congrego Canonus Summons all members of the same devotion to the caster's location
Corruption Constupro Constupro Constupro Corrupt religious items
Create Focus Pario Missa Animus Vigilo Creates Focus out of targeted materials
Discorporation Odio Malum Efflixi High damage rite, can instakill, poison or damage mana or stamina
Divination Aperio Pium Identifyes an item/player/magic prison and give you any holy info about the target
Divine Sanctity Spiritus Excessum Renovo Phasmatis Instantly resurrects target with full hp/stamina/mana and all items back in their back pack
Effulgence Lux Emanio Plebis Area of effect nightsight
Empyrean Sigils Genero Eo Calculus At a moongate location, creates moongate sigils
Encumbrance Ligo Quaedam Confuto Temporarily paralyze the target
Enervation Fortuno Aetas Buffs all three stats
Freedom Liberatio Mortuus Frees a player from a magic prison, destroys undead mobs or frees tamed animals
Immolation Inflammo Agri Valde Permanently reduces the caster's strength and does massive AoE damage around the caster
Imprisonment Carcer Inimicus Cilicis Imprison a player in a magical stone
Interdiction Prohibeo Omnis Itum Creates a stone that prevents any travel magic from working
Intervention Deus Adservio Fortis Buffs self, opens a holy gate with a sigil or remove corruption from an altar
Libation Devoveo Deus Materia Sacrifices items in a container in return for a bless
Siege Oppidum Obsidione Cast upon a town stone will start a siege or end it
Negation Interdico Veneficus Creates a zone in which all magics of any sort are blocked
Purification Quando Corpus Invassus Est Cures poisons and diseases
Restoration Reconcilio Corporis Salus Heals self, target or everyone in an area around you
Resurrection Renovo Silenti Phasma Resurrects a player or pet
Retribution Noceo Vulnero Does damage to a single target
Sense Aura Sensus Devotio Determine's the religious devotion of players around you
Untrodden Paths Itum Fanum Divinus Teleports you back to the temple, or to a moongate location with a sigil

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