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Rite Divination
Power Words Aperio Pium
Foci None Required
Chants 3 (9 seconds)
Mana Cost 15
Description Can Identify an item/player/magic prison and give you any holy info about the target.


When Divination is cast upon an object or person that holds piety, the caster is presented with a vague sentence that hints as to the power the target has in terms of Piety. Below is a table with the sentences and the piety amounts that correspond to those specific vague messages.

Tome and Symbol Strengths

0 Piety not existing
1 - 2 Piety hardly existing
3 - 5 Piety showing brightly
6 - 8 Piety pretty powerful
9 - 11 Piety quite powerful
12 - 14 Piety mighty and very powerful
15 - 17 Piety great and extremely powerful
18 - 19 Piety very great and powerful beyond your understanding
20+ Piety to immense for you to understand, almost deity like

Messages from People

10 Piety a small power glowing from
20 Piety a holy aura from
30 Piety a powerful holy aura from
40 Piety a great holy power from
50 Piety an extreme holy power from
60 Piety a resource of holy power beyond your beliefs from
70 Piety the holy power of a pendragon from
80+ Piety You are unable to understand the power

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