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The Ship Captain can be found in all major cities, and offers to take you between them for a price. Any location that are not on the list require you to obtain your own boat and sail there yourself, if the location is not reachable by land.

Shipping Prices

Destinations and Fee
Destination Shipping Fee
Britain 500 coins
Buccaneer's Den
Fire Island
New Haven 350 coins
Nujel'm 660 coins
Serpent's Hold
Skara Brae

NPC Commands

  • Always keep the command within a sentence to include it in Roleplay, and most vendors won't listen to you if you do not do so.
Command Description
sail Will display a list destinations where you can be taken. If you include the location name in the sentence then you will get a popup that asks you to accept the price of the trip. Each location has it's own price for sailing there.
  • Example ShipCaptain Commands:
    • Can you sail me to Britain? -(Will ask you if you wish to sail to Britain, need to accept the price to sail)
    • I wish to Sail to Skara -(Will ask you if you wish to sail to Skara Brae, need to accept the price to sail)
    • Can I sail on your ship? -(Captain will list some destinations)

The Captain is usually not picky on your way of saying the Destination, so misspelling can sometimes be understood.

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