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Information icon4.png This page explains usage of OPTIONAL utility tools
they are not required, but can enhance the game experience

Belxan's UO Auto-Map - "It's just like UO's radar map (only better)!"

UO Auto-Map (UOAM for short) is a supplement to UO's radar map. You could call it a kind of GPS for UO.

It's a utility that displays a portion of Ultima Online's map. The map can be scaled, tilted to match UO's orientation, labeled and configured in a number of different ways. You can even link up with your friends and have UOAM keep track of their locations as well.

Feature List

  • Works with all versions of Ultima Online.
  • Allows you to link with your friends and keep track of everyone's location in the game.
  • Lets you chat with your friends while you play.
  • The map can be oriented with North at the top or tilted 45 degrees to the right just like UO's radar map (only better).
  • The map can be zoomed and resized.
  • Any location on the map can be labeled and categorized.
  • Labels are configurable: choose any icon, font, size or color.
  • You can define your own categories.
  • Places can be grouped and stored across multiple files.
  • Labels can be turned on or off as a whole or by category.
  • Find any spot on the map by name or by category.
  • Keeps the map centered on your player, just like UO's radar map (only better).
  • Super easy setup. No extra utilities to run. No special codes to enter.
  • Labels are available for nearly all of the major locations in Britannia and the Lost Lands.
  • It's legal.
  • But best of all it's free!

Control Panel

Take control! Most of UOAMs features are accessible from the control panel.

The easiest way to get to UOAM's control panel is press the ESC key while UOAM has the input focus.

There are also short-cut keys that will take you instantly to most of the panes in the control panel:

  • Ctrl+E takes you to the Places pane,
  • Ctrl+F takes you to the Filters pane,
  • Ctrl+P takes you to the Players pane,
  • Ctrl+K takes you to the Link pane, and
  • F1 takes you to the Info pane.

For a complete list of short-cut keys, choose the Short Cuts menu item under the Help menu.

UOAM Always On Top

Go Top-most

If you double click in the map window, the title bar, menu and scroll bars will disappear and the map will be made top-most so it will float above all the other windows on your desktop no matter which application has the focus. This means you can put UOAM right over the game window just like UO's radar map (only better). Double click on the window again to get the menu back. Or just click on it with the right mouse button to get a popup menu that has all the same options as the main menu.

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