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A Full Codex

The Codex Damnorum is the primary spell book for a Necromancer. It holds a maximum of 16 unique spells that no other class except a Necromancer has the ability to use.

Codex Damnorum's are found off of various NPC Monsters around the World Map and Dungeons, when found they are always empty, meaning there are no spells inscribed in them.

Casting from the Codex Damnorum

While Necromancy spells vary greatly than that of Druidry Spells, both these classes share a common mechanic in their spell casting. While a Druid needs to have a Druid Staff equipped likewise a Necromancer needs to have a Lich Staff equipped to be able to cast their spells. In simple terms these two items register the power words that have been spoken and then tells the server to cast that spell.

To successfully cast a Necromancy spell one must have the proper skill in both Spirit Speak and Magery.

Here on Pangaea there are a couple options on how to cast from a Codex Damnorum. One can either use their Codex Damnorum from their backpack by double clicking on it and bringing up the gump and selecting the spell to cast by clicking the blue gem next to the spell's name or by reciting the power words of the spell.

Reciting the power words of the spell is the preferred way of casting a Necromancer's spell, however, some might find it just as convenient to use the Codex instead of using power words. As stated however, most people just use power words as it is quick and fairly easy to set up a macro through either the client's existing macro page or by using a third party macro tool such as EasyUO, the benefits of going this route is that you can get spells casted much quicker.

Codex Damnorum Spell List

Below is the list of spells that one can place into a Codex Damnorum. To put them into the Codex Damnorum, you have to find a skilled Scribe who is able to do the work for you. Be forewarned however, if the Scribe fails to inscribe the scroll, it is destroyed. To find these scrolls, a Necromancer can either use Spirit Speak at various grave sites around the map or many of them can also be found off various NPC monsters as loot while out hunting.

Along with the spells that are listed on the two pages when the Codex Damnorum is first open there is also a little button that resembles a scroll, when that is clicked it opens another gump that will tell you what the power words are for each spell as well as the reagents required for each spell. This is a very handy tool for when you are wanting to set up a macro for power words.

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