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a druid bag

While most other classes cast their spells from a book, a Druid casts spells from a bag. This bag is unique in that the Druid does not fill the bag with scrolls, but instead creates Druid Runes and simply drops them into the bag (do note that in order to insert the runes into the druid bag, you need to doubleclick on the rune and then target the bag. Simply dropping does not work).

Casting from the Druid Bag

While Druidry Spells vary greatly than that of Necromancy spells, both these classes share a common mechanic in their spell casting. While a Necromancer needs to have a Lich staff equipped, likewise a Druid needs to have a Druid staff equipped to be able to cast their spells. In simple terms these two items register the power words that have been spoken and then tells the server to cast that spell.

To Successfully cast a Druidic spell one must have the proper skill in both Animal Lore and Magery.

Here on Pangaea there are a couple ways to cast Druidic spells from the Druid Bag. One can either use their Druid Bag from their backpack by double clicking on it and bringing up the gump and selecting the spell to cast by clicking the blue gem next to the spell's name or by reciting the power words of the spell.

Reciting the power words of the spell is the preferred way of casting a Druidic spell, however, some might find it just as convenient to use the Druid Bag instead of using power words. As stated however, most people just use power words as it is quick and fairly easy to set up a macro through either the client's existing macro page or by using a third party macro tool such as EasyUO, the benefits of going this route is that you can get spells casted much quicker.

When using power words for casting, it is possible to whisper the power words (so-called "silent casting"), so only people right next to the druid can hear the spell. However, silent-casting is only legal in PvP once the RP for battle has already been done!

The bag itself can only be made at the druid alter west of Yew, it takes 120 serpent hides to make it. at that alter you can also make the druid staff for 35 reaper heartwood

Druidic Spell List

Below is the list of spells that can be created and placed into the Druid Bag by the Druid. As stated a Scribe is not needed for this, however there are other items needed to create Druid Runes and as such one might need to emplore the services of an Alchemist for instance.

Druidic Spells Druidic Spells
Fire Snakes Cloak of Protection
Stinging Swarm Summoning
Tidal Wave Nature's Blessing
Wolf Pack Nature's Curse
Sylvan Guardian Nature's Cure
Treeform Snow Storm
Tranquility Rebirth
Stone Rain Tree of Life

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