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Resurrection or Revive is the act of bringing a character/pets back to life.


When you are dead, you become a invisible ghost that nobody can see.

  • Nobody can heal a ghost if it is invisible to them
  • To reveal yourself to the living, you need to enter War Mode
  • Even when revealed, nobody can understand a ghost without the aid of Spirit Speak


Resurrection without help

  • Healers will resurrect and heal you on sight. They are located in all towns and some other locations.
  • Resurrection Shrines are located throughout the world which you can stand next to and click the Ankh
  • When on a boat, you can reveal yourself to the tillerman who can resurrect you, it just takes a moment

Resurrection with help

With Bandages

With Magic

  • A magic user can use Resurrection to bring you back to life
  • A bard's song Revival can resurrect players and pets that haven't been dead too long

With Rites


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