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If you find yourself in the dire situation where your beloved pet needs to be healed then you will need to begin applying bandages to your pet if you have enough skill in Veterinary or seek out someone who has the skill to keep your beloved pet alive. This is an invaluable skill to have if you enjoy hunting with pets, unfortunately though not all classes receive this skill so the ones that don't must rely on the other classes to heal pets.

It's a fairly easy skill to master and not very expensive just requires a bunch of bandages and various creature types which can be bought from a Animal Tamer. If your class is lucky enough to get Animal Lore and Veterinary, it is best to max out Animal Lore as it compliments the Veterinary skill, increasing how much is healed.

Who can use it?


Skill Guide

To use the skill, use a bandage and target a injured animal.

Below is a guide to get Veterinary to 65 in skill.

Skill Subjects to Use
0 - 20 Vendor Train (or find a Cat/Dog/Chicken)
20 - 40 Cow
40 - 50 Llama, Mongbat
50 - 60 Horse, Bull
60 - 65 Bull

It is easiest to train this skill if the animal is tamed and owned by you, since you can order it to stay still. And even if you get the "criminal warning" when attacking a tamed animal, you will not turn into a criminal if the animal is owned by you.

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