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Stats, an abbreviation of statistics, refers to the 3 statistics all characters have in varying amounts, as follows:

  • Strength - Determines how much can be carried, amount of melee damage, and number of Hit Points;
  • Dexterity - Determines Stamina and is important for some skills and affects the hit speed of your weapon. Also it increases damage while using bows.
  • Intelligence - Determines the amount of Mana a player has and affects the damage of certain spells.

Gaining Stats

You gain stats by using skills that make use of those statistics. When a character reaches their stat cap, the game will start to choose randomly what other stat to lower to compensate for the newly gained stat point. Since its randomly chosen, you can for example: drop in the same stat you were gaining, resulting in no change in stats.

To manually manage this, the player can make use of stat drop potions.

Stat Caps

Each class has a certain limit of the maximum number of stats the character has. A limit for each stat, as well as a combined limit. It is referred to as a Stat Cap. Check out the appropriate class page for more details about limits.
You cannot lock stats or make them go lower, once you hit statcap one stat will randomly drop or the 1.0 point gain will be negated. You must use potions to drop other stats if you wish to get more of another. Stats will gain even with maxed skills so its suggested to keep few points of total stats free from statcap to be able to control your stats.
~ Ivan

Skills and Stats

When you use skills, you will also have a chance to gain stats depending on the associated stats.

Some skills might not be exactly right, please correct if you know better.
Skill Primary Secondary
Alchemy Intelligence Dexterity
Anatomy Intelligence
Animal Lore Intelligence
Animal Taming Intelligence
Archery Dexterity Strength
Arms Lore Intelligence
Blacksmithy Strength Dexterity
Bowcraft/Fletching Dexterity Strength
Camping Dexterity
Carpentry Strength Dexterity
Cartography Intelligence Dexterity
Cooking Strength Dexterity
Detect Hidden Dexterity
Evaluate Intelligence Intelligence
Fencing Dexterity Strength
Fishing Dexterity Strength
Forensic Evaluation Intelligence
Healing Intelligence
Herding Intelligence Dexterity
Hiding Dexterity
Inscription Intelligence Dexterity
Item Identification Intelligence
Lockpicking Dexterity
Lumberjacking Strength Dexterity
Skill Primary Secondary
Mace Fighting Strength Dexterity
Magery Intelligence
Meditation Intelligence
Mining Strength Dexterity
Musicianship Intelligence
Parrying Strength Dexterity
Peacemaking Intelligence Dexterity
Poisoning Intelligence
Provocation Intelligence
Remove Trap Intelligence
Resisting Spells Intelligence
Snooping Dexterity
Spirit Speak Intelligence
Stealing Dexterity Strength
Stealth Dexterity
Swordsmanship Strength Dexterity
Tactics Dexterity
Tailoring Strength Dexterity
Taste Identification Intelligence
Tinkering Strength Dexterity
Tracking Dexterity
Veterinary Dexterity
Wrestling Dexterity Strength

Training Stats

To gain stats, you simply have to use skills that make use of those stats.

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