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Armor protects the character from physical damage. Some armor can be enchanted with special properties, as well as having enhancements from the material it is made from.

  • Armor retains the color of the material used for the crafting.


Armors have different strength requirements to be equipt.

Leather Armor

Can be crafted by a tailor
Leather Pieces Strength Requirement Picture
Cap none Leather Armor
Gorget none
Gloves none
Sleeves none
Leggings none
Tunic none
Female Studded none
Bustier none

Studded Leather Armor

Can be crafted by a tailor
Studded Pieces Strength Requirement Picture
Cap 40 Studded_Armor.png
Gorget 40
Gloves 42
Sleeves 45
Leggings 48
Tunic 48
Female Studded 48
Bustier 48

Bone Armor

Can be crafted by a tailor
Bone Pieces Strength Requirement Picture
Helmet 39
Bone Armor
Gloves 37
Arms 43
Leggings 45
Tunic 50

Ringmail Armor

Can be crafted by a blacksmith
Ringmail Pieces Strength Requirement Picture
Coif 50
Ringmail Armor
Gloves 53
Sleeves 55
Leggings 58
Tunic 60

Chainmail Armor

Can be crafted by a blacksmith
Chainmail Pieces Strength Requirement Picture
Coif 68 Chainmail Armor
Gloves 68
Leggings 72
Tunic 72

Platemail Armor

Can be crafted by a blacksmith
Platemail Pieces Strength Requirement Picture
Gorget 72 PLatemail Armor
Gloves 78
Arms 80
Leggings 85
Breastplate(Female) 85
Breastplate(Male) 90


Can be crafted by a blacksmith
Helmets Strength Requirement
Helmet 60
Bascinet 70
Nose Helm 70
Closed Helm 70
Plate Helm 82


Can be crafted by a blacksmith (metal), or a carpenter (wood). But the Chaos and Order shields are given by the corrisponding guard type when you join their ranks with the "i wish to join" command. Blacksmiths I think will be given virtue shield crafting this run around at least in the temporary. -Oden 2019
Shield Strength Requirement Skill Requirement
Wooden Shield none Parrying 15%
Buckler none Parrying 30%
Bronze Shield 60 Parrying 45%
Metal Shield 60 Parrying 60%
Wooden Kite Shield 70 Parrying 75%
Metal Kite Shield 70 Parrying
Heater Shield 90 Parrying 90%
Kite shield 70 Parrying 75%
Training Kite shield 70 Parrying 82%
Chaos shield Parrying 85%
Order shield Parrying 85%
Dupres shield Parrying 95%

Crafting of Armors

Armor can be crafted by tailors (using hides and bone) and blacksmiths (using metal ores)

Armor Quality

There are five different qualities in armours and weapons created trough blacksmithing and four different qualities for tailored armours. Blacksmithing creates an item instantly with a quality, it depends on luck / skills which quality item you get. Tailoring creates the armors with upgrading system, it starts from worst quality and advances to the best. The elite/exceptional upgrade depends on luck / skill used to craft which one appears.

  1. Below average
  2. Normal quality
  3. Above average
  4. Exceptional
  5. Elite (elite weapons can be named)

The Blacksmith/Tailor can also add durability with special magical tools

  1. Durable
  2. Substantial
  3. Massive
  4. Fortified
  5. Indestructible


For decorative purposes and the fact that some types of armor pieces occupy the same slot as some clothing, certain merchants can combine such items together.

  • The Tailor can combine hats with helmets/caps, the hat will adopt the color of the armor and cannot be dyed.
  • The Tinker can combine necklaces (which can have stat enhancing properties) with gorgets.

see more information about clothing and slots

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