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The Blacksmith can smelt the raw ore of the mountains, with the ingots she receives, she can then produce the finest of armors and weapons. Many ores hold special enchantments and abilities, these can also be discovered, as well as an item’s durability, by using the lore of arms, that this character possesses.

A blacksmith can be considered a weaponsmith and armorer

Blacksmith Requirments

Strength Dexterity Intelligence
60 40 30
Required and any ONE of the following

Class Statcap
Strength Dexterity Intelligence Combined Statcap
135 100 80 250
Primary (100%) Secondary (85%) Tertiary (65%) Penalty (40%)
* Can use all plate mail

How to play

To be a blacksmith you first need to mine some ores out of a mountain with a pickaxe or a hammer pick. That's why Mining is so important for Blacksmiths.

Next up you will need to smelt those ores into ingots, this is done at a Forge. If you can mine it, you wont have too much difficulty smelting it. All right! You have some ingots, but now you need to smack that into armor or weapons. For that you will need to get a smiths hammer and use it on the ingots next to an Anvil. Then you just pick from the popups what you want to make. The higher your skill the more things will get added to the list.

Look out though, mining isn't all fun and games! You could anger an elemental of the ore you just mined and it will rise from the earth and attack you, so having friends to help you is always a good thing. The more valuable ores are also usually found where monsters roam, so friends will become twice as useful!

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