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The carpenter (also known as craptender) can take a pile of logs, work with them a bit, and produce fine armoires or tables from them. The opportunities are endless – as she may also chop all woodtypes, thus giving her customers a wide variety of furniture to choose from.

Requirements and Limits

Carpenter Requirements

Strength Dexterity Intelligence
55 40 30
Required and any ONE of the following

Class Statcap
Strength Dexterity Intelligence Combined Statcap
125 100 80 250
Primary (100%) Secondary (85%) Tertiary (65%) Penalty (40%)
* Restricted to Ringmail or Bone armors

How to play

The two things a carpenter requires are wooden logs and the tools to work with them. Axe down any tree for logs, there are many types of trees and their difficulty varies so try them all out. After getting some logs there are a few types of tools you can use on them. Most tools let you craft your standard items out of your logs, but if you use a saw on them you will turn the logs into boards. Boards used in conjunction with a smoothing plane will let you craft blank scrolls and blank maps. Other carpentry tools let you craft even more things like fences and such out of the boards.

As you chop down trees be wary of treefellows, hostile woodmen that dont take too kindly to you chopping bits of their defenseless little brothers.

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