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Weapons are tools that are equipped and used for combat.

There are three types of weapons in Pangaea:
  1. Crafted Weapons
  2. Magical Weapons
  3. Ethereal Weapons
  • Crafted weapons can be made by blacksmiths(metal weapons) or bowyers(wood weapons).
  • Magical and ethereal weapons can be found on monsters while hunting or in chests.

Crafted Weapons

Metal Weapons

Blacksmiths can craft metal weapons, from all kind of ores. Some ores are better for weapons.

Wooden Weapons

Bowyers can craft wood weapons, from all kind of wood(logs). Some logs are better for weapons.

Weapon Quality

There are four types of weapon quality, that are set according to success rate:

  1. Below average
  2. Normal quality
  3. Exceptional
  4. Elite (elite weapons can be named)

The Blacksmith/Bowyer can also add durability with special magical tools

  1. Durable
  2. Substantial
  3. Massive
  4. Fortified
  5. Indestructible

Magical Weapons

Magical weapons can be found upon hunting. All magical items need to be identified (with Item Identification skill) before you know what really is. It is said that stronger monsters bring better magical items (including weapons). There are several variables that can decide how good a magical weapon is.

  • Only some magical weapons come with magic spells and usually only have a few charges before it looses the imbuing.

For more information, see Magical Equipment

Ethereal Weapons

Ethereal weapons are special weapons and very rare. Their properties are unknown, still they are very powerfull weapons. They last for one week and can be found on any monsters. You can only find them as high-end weapons on swords, maces and fences.

Example of ethereal weapon: Maul of Stormking

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