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Item Identification reveals the hidden properties of magic items found through hunting or through some crafting skills such as Inscription or Tinkering where certain items crafted from those two skills come out as a magic item with hidden properties.

This skill might compliment Inscription and Tinkering when it comes to success rate of crafting items for those skills.


To use the skill, either setup a macro in the in game macro options or just click the little blue gem next to the skill in the skill log.


  1. This is a notoriously slow skill to build, so don't fret if it seems as though it is taking forever to max out, that is normal.
  2. Using Item Identification on an item with charges slightly increases skill gain rates.

Uses for the skill

With it you can tell the magical properties of items. It will tell you how many charges are, if any. Also if its used on runes it will tell you who marked the rune.

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