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Each crafting skill need the correct Tools of the Trade. Items that they use to craft with, depending on what skill.

The Tinker creates most of these items, though the Carpenter makes the essential House Addons and objects that are placed on the ground.

Sometimes you can get your hands on magical version of their most essential tool, which allows them to create magical items with enough skill (only those who choose the skill as their profession can can succeed crafting items with the magical tools).

List of Tools

This list is not complete, but it includes the essentials.

List of Tools
Tool Skill Description Crafter
Mortar and Pestle Alchemy Tinker
Heating stand Alchemy Tinker
Alembic Alchemy Tinker
Empty Bottles Alchemy Alchemist fills them with potions Tinker
Smith's Hammer Blacksmithy Tinker
Sledge Hammer Blacksmithy  ? Tinker
Tongs Blacksmithy Used near a Forge for smelting weapons/armor Tinker
Pickaxe Mining Used for harvesting Ores Tinker
Assay Kit Mining Used for finding ore wains for mining Tinker
Anvil Blacksmithy Carpenter
Forge Blacksmithy For smelting metals Carpenter
Skinning Knife Bowcraft/Fletching Tinker
Hatchet Lumberjacking Used for harvesting Logs Tinker
Hammer Carpentry Tinker
Saw Carpentry For making planks Tinker
Joining Plane Carpentry Essential tool, Same as a Moulding Plane Tinker
Moulding Plane Carpentry Essential tool, Same as a Joining Plane Tinker
Smoothing Plane Carpentry For making blank pages/maps out of planks Tinker
Dovetail Saw Carpentry ? Tinker
Froe Carpentry ? Tinker
Inshave Carpentry ? Tinker
Scorp Carpentry ? Tinker
Draw Knife Carpentry? ? Tinker
Carving Kit ? ? Tinker
Tool Kit ? It breaks things? Tinker
Dagger Cooking* Essential tool, Used for cutting fishes and corpses Tinker**
Butcher Knife Cooking* Works same as dagger Tinker
Cleaver ? ? Tinker
Fishing Pole Fishing Used for harvesting fishes (used for Cooking) Carpenter
Net Fishing Used for harvesting fishes (used for Cooking) Tailor
Rolling Pin Cooking Vendor
Wooden Bowl Cooking Used for mixing ingredients Vendor
Glass Pitcher Cooking* For storing liquids Tinker
Frying Pan Cooking Tinker
Oven Cooking For baking food Carpenter
Flour Mill Cooking* For creating Flour and Cornmeal Carpenter
Kettle Tinker* For melting Wax, and making Cheese Tinker
Dipping Stick Tinker* Used with a Kettle, for making candles Tinker
Spellbook w/spells Scribe Scribe needs it for copying spells Scribe
Blank Scrolls Scribe For writing spells on Carpenter
Dress Form Tailoring Used with the Seam Ripper (needs to be placed on ground) Carpenter
Scissors Tailoring* Used for making bandages Tinker
Sewing Kit Tailoring Essential tool, Used when working with cloth/leather Tinker
Dyeing Tub Tailoring* Used for coloring clothes Vendor
Dyes Tailoring* To change the colors in the Dying tub Vendor
Seam Ripper Tailoring Used with the Dress form to take leather items apart Tinker
Spinning Wheel Tailoring* Used to create Balls of Yarn Carpenter
Loom Tailoring* Used to create Bolts of Cloth Carpenter
Tinkering Tools Tinkering Essential tool of the Tinker Vendor/Tinker
Lockpick Lockpicking Essential tool for opening locks Tinker
*can be used by anybody/no actual skill required
**Harry the Handyman can provide a new blessed dagger

Tools of the Trade

Alchemy Tools

Blacksmithy Tools

  • Smiths hammer
  • Pickaxe (for mining ores)
Other essentials

Bowcraft/Fletching Tools

Other Essentials

Carpentry Tools

  • Hammer
  • Saw
  • Joining/Moulding Plane
  • Smoothing plane
Other Essentials

Cooking Tools

  • Dagger (for cutting fish and corpses, gathering fruit too)
  • Fishing Pole/Nets (for gathering fish)
Other Essentials
  • Boat (Easy access to fish)
  • Frying Pan
  • Rolling Pin
  • Wooden Bowl (Often referred to as a Mixing Bowl)
  • Glass Pitcher (something to hold liquids)
  • Oven
  • Campfire
  • Flour Mill

Scribe Tools

Tailoring Tools

The tailor's bag of tools
  • Sewing Kit (can be magical)
Other Essentials

Tinkering Tools

  • Tinkering Tools (can be magical)
Other Essentials

Magical Tools

There can be found crafting tools that are embedded with magical enchantment charges. The merchant with enough skill will be able to use those magical tools to craft items that are enchanted with the same durability as the tool itself, but only limited amount of them, since the charges will deplete and the magical tool will no longer be magical.

  1. Durable
  2. Substantial
  3. Massive
  4. Fortified
  5. Indestructible

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