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Crafting refers to the creation of items with skills.

Crafting Skills

Profession Primary Skill Complementary skill Crafting Pages
Alchemist Alchemy Taste Identification Crafting (alchemist)
Blacksmith Blacksmithy Arms lore Crafting (blacksmith)
Bowyer Bowcraft/Fletching Arms lore Crafting (bowcraft/fletching)
Carpenter Carpentry None Crafting (carpenter)
Scribe/Treasure hunter Cartography None Crafting (maps)
Cook Cooking Taste Identification? Cooking Recipes
Scribe Inscription Item Identification Crafting (scrolls)
Tailor Tailoring Arms lore Crafting (tailor)
Tinker Tinkering Item Identification Crafting (tinker)

Crafting Gump

The Crafting Gump always looks the same, a window of choices. When you double-click a useable item, this gump will pop-up (some tools need you to specify what material to use first). There are arrows on either side of it, which let you scroll through the choices when needed.

Double-clicking a frypan while cooking

What to Craft?

Many merchants have more than one crafting skill, but only dedicated classes can fully train certain skills. And different levels of skills are required to succeed in crafting certain things.

This list is just an example of their what their profession crafts. Check out their crafting page for more information.


Alchemy works with reagents
  • Potions


Blacksmithy works with metals


Carpentry works with wood


Cooking works with food of course. Fish, Meat, and other resources.


Bowcraft/Fletching works with wood
  • Bows and Crossbows
  • Arrows, Bolts and elemental variants
  • Staves



Tailoring works with cloth and leather


Tinkering works with glass and metals
  • Jewelry
  • Glass-work
  • Statues
  • Metal objects

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