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The bread and butter of any fighter. They eat them for breakfast, dinner and lunch. Using them uses your Healing skill to heal damage, cure poison or even revive ghosts! You also use it with Veterinary to heal your pets

Making Bandages

To make Bandages you will need to use scissors on cloth (any clothing made of cloth can be used also). This is a good way to turn your death robes into something useful. You can buy scissors from the local NPC Tailor or have a Tinker craft them.

The table below shows you the numbers.

Use Scissors on: you will get
2 Cloth 1 bandage
1 Clothing 2 bandages
1 Bolt of Cloth 25 bandages
  • You will get double the amount of bandages by asking a Tailor to cut Bolt of Cloth instead of cutting plain Cloth, when you consider the fact that single Bolt of Cloth becomes 25 cloth.


  • You can buy scissors from a Vendor
  • They are only for creating Bandages
  • Can be used on any cloth, clothing, bolts of cloth
  • To get the most ouf of the material, get a tailor to cut Bolts of Cloth' for bandages.
  • You will get a pop-up confirmation when you try to use scissors on stacks of Cloth/Bolts of Cloth to get confirmation before cutting it all into ribbons, because it will turn the entire stack into bandages.
  • But you get no warning when cutting clothing, so be careful around your precious skill-boosting magic clothing because indestructible means nothing to the scissors.

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