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Items used when making Cloth: Balls of Yarn, Cloth, Bolts of Cloth, Flax, Cotton, Wool

Cloth is an important material for tailoring, and is made from Flax, Cotton and Wool

  • Cloth is made in stages, and each stage can be used for crafting.
  • You do not require tailoring skill to create the materials

Tools of the trade

Spinning Wheel

  • The Spinning Wheel is a House Addon crafted by a carpenter.
  • You can find a Spinning Wheel in a Tailor's Shop (in Ocllo for Example)
  • There is no skill required to use the spinning wheel. Just double-click flax/cotton/wool
  • Creates 6-60 balls of yarn

Loom (weaving)

  • The Loom is a House Addon crafted by a carpenter.
  • You can find a Loom in a Tailor's Shop (in Britain for example)
  • There is no skill required to use the Loom. Just double-click balls of yarn
  • Creates 4 bolts of cloth

Sewing Kit

  • This is the essential tool for the tailor
  • Can be used on Hides, Balls of Yarn and Cloth
  • Is also used when repairing leather armor, and fortifying clothing
  • You can find a blue Magical Sewing Kit, which can bless clothing
  • There is a very rare Magical Sewing Kit (not blue) that lets the tailor make enchanted leather armor.


  • You can buy scissors from a Vendor
  • They are only for creating Bandages
  • Can be used on any cloth, clothing, bolts of cloth
  • To get the most ouf of the material, get a tailor to cut Bolts of Cloth' for bandages.
  • You will get a pop-up confirmation when you try to use scissors on stacks of Cloth/Bolts of Cloth to get confirmation before cutting it all into ribbons, because it will turn the entire stack into bandages.
    • But you get NO WARNING when cutting clothing, so be careful around your precious skill-boosting magic clothing because indestructible means nothing to the scissors.

Stages of creating Cloth

There are three stages to the creation of cloth.

  1. Turning Flax/Cotton/Wool into Balls of Yarn
  2. Turning Balls of Yarn into Bolts of Cloth
  3. Turning Bolts of Cloth into Cloth

The table below shows the maximum amount of materials that can be converted at once, with the added minimum required at the end. The game will always seek to convert the maximum amount.

What you have will become Minimum Exchange
100 Flax/Cotton/Wool 60 Balls of Yarn 10 = 6
10 Balls of Yarn 4 Bolts of Cloth -
100 Bolt of Cloth 2500 Cloth 1 = 25
2500 Cloth 50 Bolts of Cloth 50 = 1
  • You are able to convert Cloth back into Bolts of Cloth by double-clicking the Cloth, but you will loose half the material.
  • Best to store cloth in the form of Bolts of Cloth, it takes less space

Harvesting Materials

You will need materials to begin with, and you can choose to work with the following:
  • Flax, harvested from fields that grow Flax plants
  • Cotton, harvested from fields that grow Cotton plants
  • Wool, harvested from Sheep and Goats using a Dagger
Both the plants and animals will regrown their resources after a while. The fields outside of Britain are a good place to start.

Ball of Yarn

To create a Ball of Yarn, you need to double-click the Flax/Cotton/Wool next to a Spinning Wheel.
  • Using a sewing kit on Balls of Yarn, you create nets (used for fishing)

Bolt of Cloth

To create a Bolt of Cloth, you need to double-click Balls of Yarn while standing next to a Loom.
  • It is best to store cloth in the form of Bolts of Cloth
  • Double-clicking cloth lets you turn the cloth back into Bolts of Cloth, but loosing half the cloth in the process
  • Cutting Bolts of Cloth with scissors are actually the greatest value when creating bandages
  • Carpenters need Bolts of Cloth when making ships (for the sails).

Piece of Cloth

To create Cloth, you need to use a sewing kit on Bolts of Cloth. The tailor uses cloth to create clothing.
  • Double-clicking cloth will allow you to turn it into Bolts of Cloth again, but you loose half the material when doing so

Crafting with Cloth

  1. Balls of Yarn
  2. Bolts of Cloth
    • Boats need Bolts of Cloth for their sails
    • Bandages can be created from Bolts with scissors
  3. Cloth

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