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The monk is the essence of balance, it is the goal of a monk to balance the use of divine rites and mage spells. It is important that the monk utilizes all that is available to him, if he focuses on one area, he will surely fail in his endeavors. The best suited armour is leather-based.

The monk can also use Knuckled Gloves dealing additional elemental damage.

Requirements and Limits

Monk Requirments

Strength Dexterity Intelligence
50 40 85
Required and any ONE of the following

Class Statcap
Strength Dexterity Intelligence Combined Statcap
105 110 160 270
Primary (100%) Secondary (85%) Tertiary (65%) Penalty (40%)
* Restricted to Studdied Leather Armor

Creating a Monk

Before creating a monk, it would be wise to do some research regarding the four religions and what rituals are available for each religion. Also, it would be important to identify what play styles you are comfortable with while certain religions are much more PvP oriented others are much better suited for PvM.

When you have come to the decision to create a monk, it is recommended to select these skills:

At 50 - Resisting Spells

At 30 - Magery

At 30 - Healing

The reason it is suggested to choose 50% in Resisting Spells is because it is a tedious skill to train, it requires you to put your character in danger to raise it and to join the monk class you must have your resisting spells at 55% to join. Magery at 30% is suggested since while one of the easier skills to train, it does cost a little bit of money to train. Finally Healing at 30% because it can be helpful while out training all the combat skills, just about everything else crucial to a monk is fairly easy to train, even healing isn't a necessary skill to start out with at 30%, it's just that having a way besides spells to keep yourself healed is very good to have while training.

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